Tyler Butterfield finished 8th at the ITU World Cup Triathlon in Mexico today, Sunday 15th June 2014. Last year Butterfield was 4th.

Although Butterfield’s swim has clearly improved he still trailed the leaders out of the swim by almost a minute with a time of 18.50. He then set about reeling in the large leading group of riders over the 8 lap 40km bike. By the three la he had dragged his group of riders up to the leaders but not content with that effort he opened up a 10 second lead before 6 riders dragged themselves back up to him. This group then put a minute into the large chasing group going into T2. Butterfield’s effort clearly toke its toll on the run as he could not live with the pace set by Frenchmen Aurelien Lescure and Etieene Diemunsch. However the Frenchmen paid the price as the heat got to them with Lescure, who had a 40 sec lead going into the last 2.5km of the 10km run, fading badly. Pacing himself well, last year’s silver medallist Luciano Taccone of Argentina overtook the Frenchmen to take the win in 2hrs 1 min 58 secs holding off a very fast finishing Davide Uccellari of Italy who just caught poor Lescure on the line. Butterfield held on for 8th, 1 min 28 secs behing the winner in 2 hrs 3 mins 26 secs.


Full results will be posted later today at the following link :


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