Matthew Oliveira’s special gift

At age fourteen not too many junior triathletes can say that they have raced on a team with two time Olympic medalist Bevan Docherty but Matthew Oliveira, one of Bermuda’s very talented juniors, did just that here in Bermuda.

And now, family friend Gordon Benson, who is one of the UK’s leading triathletes who was on the GB Olympic team, has autographed Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee’s book (Swim, Bike, Run) AND….got them to autograph the book and sent it to Matthew. For those of you who don’t know, amongst many other achievements, Alastair Brownlee won gold in the 2012 London Olympic Triathlon and his brother Jonathan won bronze in the same event..

Now, that’s one way to inspire a junior !! Keep up the good work Matthew and enjoy !!

Matthew Oliveira's autographed book.
Matthew Oliveira’s autographed book.
Matthew Oliveira
Matthew Oliveira

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