Commonwealth Games update 23rd July 2014

The Governor of Bermuda with Tyler, Flora and Shianne Smith
The Governor of Bermuda with Tyler, Flora and Shianne Smith
This from Tim Goodyer and Steve Petty

The key word today for the athletes was rest so Steve Petty and I decided to take the opportunity to head out and explore some of the Scottish countryside with a 6am ride. We had a few issues getting out of the village, as our bikes had not been tagged, so the first half an hour was spent doing loops of the village perimeter road, whilst we waited for the officials to open up the appropriate center to allow us to get our bikes tagged. Eventually we managed to escape the confines of the village and head out towards the Triathlon Race Venue before returning back to grab a quick breakfast and get Tucker as he needed some maintenance work done on his bike and to get Flora’s bike checked in down at the race venue after she had done a short ride.

We then returned to the village to meet the Governor of Bermuda for lunch. He came to the village to meet the athletes and joined us for lunch in the main dining hall. He was surprised to find that most triathletes eat normally, because he had it in his mind that all they did was drink smoothies!! A photo of Flora and Tyler with Shianne Smith, Bermuda’s Heptathlete and the Governor attached. After lunch the village effectively closed down. After 3pm no athletes were allowed to leave the village and all transport stopped in advance of tonight’s opening ceremony. The unconfirmed rumour is that the Queen will be in attendance, hence the extra security. Dominique Mayho and Shianne Smith were invited to represent Bermuda athletes at lunch with the Queen on Thursday, unfortunately the Triathletes were unable to attend, as that is right at the time of their event. Who knows though, she might pop down and watch the Brownlees, Duffy, Butterfield, Herring and Murphy in action tomorrow.

We’ll send an update from the Opening Ceremony later tonight, but as the Tyler, Flora and Jon are resting up only Tucker, Steve and I will be attending the ceremony before heading home for a good night’s sleep in advance of race day. All for now.


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