Commonwealth Games Report – July 24th part ii

This received from Tim and Steve

Very good opening ceremony, the Queen, Rod Stewart and a moving story from Billy Connolly about Nelson Mandela being awarded the freedom of the city of Glasgow in 1981 and the city renaming the street that housed the South African Commission to Scotland Nelson Mandela place! So the address for the Commission included the name of their most notorious political prisoner. Also a minute’s silence to remember the victims of the Malaysian airline tragedy.

Tucker left right after the march out to get some sleep! At the end they shot little notes out of a cannon to the athletes section from kids all over Scotland wishing the athletes luck and putting their own little messages and motivations, pretty cool. So we collected a few and stuck them under the doors of the Triathletes when we got back!

Our triathletes race today. Flora Duffy races at 7AM Bda time and Jonny, Tucker and Tyler at 11AM Bda time. Coverage on BBC 1 TV if you can get it.

One thought on “Commonwealth Games Report – July 24th part ii”

  1. Tim, loving the updates watched it all live on BBC last night. BDA looked great and it was quite exciting as I was able to claim friendship with 1/2 the team. Off now to open up the computer and watch the Triathlons. very excited Good luck to all our athletes but especially the tri guys today.

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