Tyler Butterfield 19th at Commonwealth Games Triathlon

Tyler Butterfield was undone in Glasgow in the Commonwealth Games Triathlon as he never recovered from a minute deficit on the swim. As England’s Brownlee Brothers set a very fast pace on the bike the chasing pack also pushed hard leaving Butterfield adrift with two other competitors trying to real in the big pack. In the heat it proved to be too hard an ask and although Butterfield caught a few of the pack’s weaker runners he could only manage 19th place.

Most of the amateur triathletes failed to finish as they were lapped and had to withdraw from the race leaving them to wonder why they even started. Surely the course could have been designed to allow everyone to finish if amateurs are going to be asked to race with the best professionals in the world. In Manchester all athletes were allowed to finish. Glasgow was a farce for the amateurs and Jonny Herring and Tucker Maurphy were unable to finish having been lapped.

Full results at this link :

Commonwealth Games 2014 – Men’s Triathlon results

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