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Sitting on the flight from Glasgow to London we just wanted to share some final thoughts.

Flora was happy with her performance. She is clearly very comfortable mixing it with the top pros over the draft legal olympic distance. She did some really hard work on the bike leg, but no one was prepared to let her go, which is a real sign of the respect she has amongst her fellow triathletes. Whilst the pack was happy to let Lucy Hall go, they would not let Flora go and Kristen Sweetland worked very hard to close down her attempted break. A second 8th place Commonwealth Games finish is something she can be very proud of.

Flora left for South Africa on Saturday morning to prepare for her next race, an Xterra event in Germany on August 12th, before returning to Boulder to prepare for the Edmonton World Championships. On Friday she had the opportunity to show her parents and brother around the athletes village before heading to the velodrome to watch some track cycling.

Tyler had a great swim and it was exciting seeing him coming out at the back of the main pack because we knew he could do some real damage on a tough bike course, if he made the main pack on the cycle. Unfortunately his transition was 6 seconds slower than the New Zealand powerhouse Tom Davison and so Tyler left transition 11 seconds down on Davison and about 20 seconds behind the main pack, and that gap was just too much to make up because the South African duo hit the front in an attempt to catch the Brownlees and so the pace was flat out. It took Davison a lap and a half to catch the chase pack and seeing Tyler flying through transition after lap 1 in full time trial mode gave us hope that he could catch back on. However having ridden the whole first lap on his own together with his efforts in the swim to maintain contact with the pack meant the intensity was unsustainable without assistance from other riders. He still ran very well after those huge swim and bike efforts. It will be exciting to see him in Kona in early October. He has a 10 week training block now to fully focus on that.

As for Jon and Tucker, there is obviously disappointment, but it is through no fault of their own. They were unfortunately caught up in the conflicting desires of the ITU for elite performance and the Commonwealth Games principal of participation. The 5 lap bike course and the lapped rider rule implemented by the ITU meant that they needed to stay 12 minutes ahead of the charging Brownlees, which on the day proved almost impossible given that only one non-pro triathlete managed to achieve that. To have a race with 47 starters with only 27 finishers was disappointing. Had the bike course been 3 laps or the lapped rule not been implemented we would have been able to see them complete the distance and put in the performances that they have spent the last 6 to 9 months working so hard towards.

We will have to wait and see what the decision is for 2018 qualification but it is clear that either they set qualifications similar to the Olympic ITU points qualifying system or if they allow the federations to set their own qualifying standards they will need to review either the lapped rider rule or the course set up to allow more competitors to compete.

We spent Friday and Saturday getting to different events. We watched Julian Fletcher swimming in the semi finals of the 100m breaststroke at the Aquatic Centre on Friday, after watching some track cycling, and on Saturday we went down to watch the Triathlon Mixed Team relay which was a really fun event and then went to see Roy Burch in the semi finals of the 100m freestyle.

Bermuda's triathletes at Commonwealth Games 2014
Bermuda’s triathletes at Commonwealth Games 2014
Bda Commonwealth Games triathletes enjoy cycling at Velodrome with other Bda athletes
Bda Commonwealth Games triathletes enjoy cycling at Velodrome with other Bda athletes

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