Thanks to team manager Karen Smith for this update on Tyler and Erica :


I was hoping to get an update in before now, but the first two days were all about travelling and getting to the Olympic Village and basically not losing anything! We are happy to be in our residence for the next few weeks and Katura (our Chef de Mission) has made us feel at home with lovely posters of Bermuda beaches and our names and pictures posted everywhere

Both Tyler and Erica have handled the 30hrs of travel well and are trying to adjust to the time change (11 hrs ahead of BDA). I’m pretty sure that we were on the longest possible flight segment that exists, that being JFK to Shanghai for 15 hrs. Luck was on their side as they both had an empty seat beside them on that flight. They have bonded well with the other Bermudian athletes and we have a strong sense of team here.

There are an extra ordinary number of volunteers and all are very eager to help, almost to the point that they are tripping over each other (and us)to assist. Today, we took the bus to the triathlon training venue where Tyler and Erica did their swim workout and I think we had 11 volunteers helping us.

Tomorrow we are headed to the triathlon competition venue Xuanwu Lake where they will have a bike and swim course familiarization. It’s been raining all day so we’re not sure about the water temperature and wet suit use yet. Tomorrow will be a key day for them to get a better sense of the course layout and what to expect race day. I will attend the triathlon manager’s meeting as well tomorrow and then they have the athlete’s briefing right after that.

The Olympic Village is really a special place. There are thousands of athletes here from every part of the world. Our athletes are starting to realize the magnitude of these Games and are so proud to be wearing the Bermuda uniform. There is a lot of activities to do and things to see within the Village and just getting to the dining hall seems to be a challenge in itself.

Tyler and Erica are very focused, excited, and realize this is an special opportunity. I have every bit of confidence that they will do us proud.

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