This report from team manager Karen Smith at the Youth Olympic Games :

Tyler Smith's team parade before relay triathlon
Tyler Smith’s team parade before relay triathlon


In the last of if the three triathlon events at the 2014 Youth Olympics, the 4 person mixed team relay took place at Xuanwu Lake, China today. Teams comprised of 2 men and 2 women each completing 250m swim. 6.6km bike and 1.8km run. The teams were comprised of mixed nations based on the ITU regions.


Erica Hawley competing on World Team 2, was the lead off woman. She had a strong swim and came out with the chase pack. Her bike pack of 5 women worked well together to try to minimize the lead of the faster riders.


After a quick bike to run transition Erica blitzed the 1.8km and left her team standing in 12th. Her teammates from Solomon Islands and Zimbabwe were unable to maintain this position however and eventually her team fell back to 16th.


Tyler’s team. Americas 3, had a strong start with the Brazilian girl leading off and tagging Tyler in 10th. Tyler was on his own in the swim but then linked up with the Chilean male and they worked together on the bike. Tyler’s solid run maintained the team’s position in 10th before he tagged his female team mate from El Salvador. The final team member from Venezuela did what he could but by then the team had slipped to 11th


Erica Hawley's relay team Nanjing YOG 2014
Erica Hawley’s relay team Nanjing YOG 2014



This was the first time Tyler and Erica have competed in the relay format, Given the shorter nature of the race of about 20mins, it requires a red line effort and absolutely no room for error. They both executed their race to perfection. And in the true spirit of the Games, they were able come together with other nations and celebrate sport.


Tyler and Erica will stay in China until the conclusion of the games and will support team Bermuda


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