Another excellent Argo Re SUMMER SERIES finished up on Thursday 25th September at Clearwater Beach. Thanks to Alan Gilbertson’s outstanding hard work and organization, along with a host of volunteers each Thursday, the series of over 20 races has been a huge success attracting many newbies to the sport as well as more experienced triathletes.

Well done to Byron Rencken, who won the season finale. Tim Palmer showed that he’s still “got it” by finishing second with a stunning performance. Nick Pilgrim earned third place with a strong run, enabling him to leapfrog Otis Ingham.

Kim McIvor was our leading lady. Sharon “have you finished already” Craig was in second, with Liz Stewart not long behind.

For Alan’s usual full report on this past Thursday’s event, including results, follow the link on this blog in the “LINKS” section to the Bermuda Triathlon Association website and go to “Events 2014”. Thanks also to Islands Stats for their great coverage of the series including photos and videos. In the “LINKS” section of this blog go to “Island Stats” to view photos and videos from this season’s Argo Re Series.

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