Bahrain-thTyler and Nikki Butterfield both failed to finish the inaugural Bahrain Challenge Triathlon after both complaining of feeling nauseous the night before the race. Infact Tyler tweeted that he was still suffering from stomach cramp today, Monday 8th December.
They both completed the swim and the bike but then pulled out of the race.
Tyler  came out of the water for the 1/2 Ironman distance in  23:05, and  then clocked 2:05:09 on the bike , while Nikki  recorded a swim time of 27:15 and a 2:31:52 bike.

The race, which carried a total prize purse of $200,000, was won by Germany’s Michael Raelert, who raced in the Escape to Bermuda Triathlon a few years ago, with Rachel Joyce of the UK just holding off compatriot Jodie Swallow ( who also raced Escape to Bermuda). They each took home $50,000 for their efforts.

Tyler and Nikki will now take a well earned rest after a long season before starting their training for the new year.

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