National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme

The BTA is now accepting nominations from its membership for The National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme.

“This programme provides for recognition of promising young athletes who, by reason of age, would not yet qualify for assistance from the already established Elite Athletes Fund. Many of Bermuda’s future Olympians have benefited from awards from this programme, which seeks to have each NSGB nominate one young athlete for consideration for an award to be utilized for their continued development.”

DEADLINE to submit nominations to the BTA Executive is Thursday February 26th. Forms can be dropped to either Bicycle Works or Winners Edge. The BTA will review all applications and select a single applicant to put forward to the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation.

If you have any questions email Debbie Titterton Narraway at dnarraway@mac.com

NOTE: The application form states the deadline as Friday, March 13, 2015, this is the date for the BTA to submit their nomination, all interested parties must submit their application form to the BTA no later than Feb. 26th.

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