Ask triathlon historians who the greatest male triathlete is of all time to date and a large majority will say Australian triathlon legend GREG WELCH ( with apologies to Mark Allen and Dave Scott ) and if sudden heart problems hadn’t put a sudden end to his career he almost certainly would have gone on to win more triathlon world gold medals.

Greg was born in 1964 in Campsie, Sydney, Australia and he is acknowledged as one of the greatest triathletes due to his remarkable dominance in winning the “The Grand Slam” which includes the ITU Triathlon World Championships (1990), The Ironman World Championship (1994), the ITU Duathlon World Championships (1993) and the Long Course Triathlon World Championship (1994). Greg was an ambassador to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in 2000.

Due to his being diagnosed with Ventricular tachycardia, he has undergone nine open-heart surgeries from 2001 until 2003 and has retired from triathlon. He maintains contact with triathlon through his work as an advisor, coach and commentator

So… when I asked Greg if he would be prepared to speak at the BTA 2015 Annual Prize Giving Dinner on Saturday Welch2November 21st, 2015 I was delighted that he accepted my invitation. He will be accompanied by his wife Sian, herself an outstanding professional triathlete in her day, and his two daughters and will be staying for a week and holding a 5 session / wrap up dinner camp during his stay (details to follow).

Greg+Welch+Oakley+Beyond+Reason+Global+Launch+1bW8AbI6ttUlGreg is no stranger to Bermuda as he came here in the early 1990’s to compete in the ITU World Cup Series Triathlon and as the organizer of that event I had the chance to meet him and watch him take 2nd place. He won the hearts of many Bermudians on that visit and I know that many of the older generation of triathletes will be excited to know that he is coming back.

So set aside 21st November for what should be a great night. Sian and Greg’s two daughters aged 12 and 13 will be coming to the dinner.

Here is just a selection of Greg’s achievements in the sport before his career was cut short.

Greg Welch
Medal record
Men’s Triathlon
Competitor for  Australia
ITU World Championships
Gold 1990 Orlando Elite
ITU Long Distance World Championships
Gold 1996 Muncie Elite
ITU World Cup
Silver 1991 Overall
Ironman World Championship
Gold 1994 Elite
Silver 1991 Elite
Bronze 1989 Elite
Bronze 1996 Elite
Men’s Duathlon
ITU World Championships
Gold 1993 Arlington Elite

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