Over the past couple of months I have been putting together details for a proposed triathlon camp in Victoria BC Canada to coincide with the 2016 Victoria Ironman 70.3 and Sprint Triathlons. The camp is aimed at Bermuda triathletes but we can accommodate athletes from other countries by arrangement. Although the date for the 2016 Victoria Ironman 70.3 and Sprint Triathlons has not yet been announced it is likely to be Sunday the 12th June 2016.

Human Powered Racing ( Mike Neill) and B78 (Jasper Blake), which as many of you will know from the Bermuda camps are

Experience Thetis Lake, a favorite swim training venue for Victoria's triathletes
Experience Thetis Lake, a favorite swim training venue for Victoria’s triathletes

both Victoria based triathlon coaching companies, will oversee the camp.

The camp is aimed not just at individuals but also couples and families of camp participants. Victoria is a fabulous city and for many years has had one of North America’s most active triathlon communities with numerous triathletes in training. At this stage we are trying to gauge interest in the camp to see if it will proceed. Attached are the tentative camp details (subject to the announced of the 2016 Victoria Ironman 70.3 and Sprint Triathlons but we do not anticipate the final schedule and what we are offering to change.

Go Whale Watching
Go Whale Watching

Also attached are details of the camp cost for participants and accompanying persons and what you will get for your camp fee.   Finally on the last page is an interest form that you can complete and return to me by the deadline date for interest forms, 20th June 2015. As many of you know, Ironman 70.3 events sell out quickly so we want to ensure that those of you who are interested in the camp have plenty of opportunity to sign up for the race, and by extension the camp, as we can’t guarantee entry to the races. It may seem a long way off but the reality is that you have to act quickly to get into these races. I am in touch with the organisers of these races so will be providing updates should the race entries start to fill up quickly. Having been so welcomed in Bermuda for the past 5 years, Mike and Jazz are looking forward to showing you “their hood” and with their Victoria based athletes extending the same hospitality that you have extended to them and to showing you the amazing place that is Victoria BC. I think that the camp we have put together offers great value for money and as you will see from the schedule you will be so well taken care of that you can just focus on enjoying your race and your time in Victoria. I hope that you will sign up for a triathlon experience that you wont forget !! Dave Morrison VICTORIA CAMP 2016

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