Tyler Smith has been afforded a great opportunity to prepare himself for September’s Junior Elite 16-19 Triathlon World Championships in Chicago.

Tyler will fly out to Vitoria Gastiez in Spain to join Canadian BC Provincial Junior Elite Coach, Kelly Guest, and six of his Canadian junior elite triathletes for an extended training camp. In addition Tyler will be traveling as part of the squad to two races in the European Junior Elite Series. Europe is where the junior competition is the toughest and many of the triathletes he will race against are expected to be in the top 20 in Chicago so these races will be a good test for Tyler.

In addition Tyler will head back with the squad to Canada to race in the Canadian Junior Elite Championships in Magog, near Montreal, before heading home to Bermuda.

Tyler’s schedule

25th June – 2nd July – Vitoria ( near Bilbao) training camp

2nd July – 5th July – to the Netherlands to race in Holten in the European Triathlon Union’s European Junior Cup Series race.

5th July – 16th July – back in Vitoria training camp

16th July – 19th July – to France to race in Chateauroux in the European Triathlon Union’s European Junior Cup Series race.

July 19th – 26th – Return to Vitoria and depart 20th to Magog, via Montreal for continuing training camp then race in Canadian Junior National Championships on July 26th.

Whilst in Vitoria Tyler will also train with Jamie Turner, the Canadian National Triathlon coach, who is considered one of the top coaches in the world, and some of his top adult triathletes who will also be based in Vitoria. Turner, an Australian, was involved with the Australian triathlon programme, including their Olympic programme, for more than 20 years before being recruited by Triathlon Canada. Turner is the coach of Gwen Jorgensen, the no1 ranked triathlete in the World Triathlon Series, who in London recently won her 10th consecutive World Triathlon Series race. He also coaches a number of the world’s leading male triathletes.

Tyler may also spend some time in the summer in Victoria, BC, where Kelly Guest is based, training with Kelly Guest’s junior squad.

Kelly Guest is no stranger to Bermuda having held a triathlon camp here this year and assisted Bermuda junior triathletes with final race preparation at races in the USA at which his Canadian juniors were racing.

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