Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith

As already reported, Tyler Smith has been training in Northern Spain with Canadian Junior Elite Coach Kelly Guest and a group of Canadian elite juniors.

The group travelled to Holten in the Netherlands on Thursday and competed today, Saturday 4th July, in one of the 16-19 Junior Elite European Triathlon Union races. Due to the extreme heat in Europe the amateur races were cancelled and the senior elite race was reduced to sprint distance. Tyler’s race was moved to an evening start.

Holten is one of the most competitive races on the European junior circuit and as one of the youngest competitors Tyler’s result of 26th out of 57 competitors was encouraging especially as his time of 1Hr 20 secs was only just over a minute outside the top ten. He exited the water in 9.15  trailing a small group lead group who got away on the bike. He ended the 20km bike with the main group in 29:48 but faded a bit on the run recording a time of 19:02 for the 5km with those who finished ahead of him  closer to 18:30. From the times it appears that the run course was slightly long.

Results are currently only on the race website at the link below but eventually will be under the results section at http://www.triathlon.org


Tyler now returns to Spain to continue training before racing in France in another ETU Junior Elite Race. He then heads to Canada for the Canadian Junior Elite Championships and will be mostly based in Canada, racing in Kelowna and Edmonton in Canadian Junior Elite Series races before heading to the Junior Elite World Championships  in Chicago in early September.

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