Flora Duffy lies in 2nd place overall amongst the women as an impressive roster of INVITE ONLY 10 pro women and 10 pro men from various distance background started yesterday’s 2015 Island House Invitational Triathlon in 3 stages over 3 days in the Bahamas.  All events are taking place in Highbourne Cay, Exuma with a prize purse of $500,000 being divided 10 deep equally between the men and women.

Yesterday’s Stage 1 was a 300 meter swim, 7 kilometer bike and 2 kilometer run ITT prologue and Flora finished third by just 3 seconds from Sweden’s Lisa Norden with world champion Gwen Jorgensen having to dig deep, using her renowned running ability to win by just 6 secs


Gwe JORGENSEN FEMALE 11 1 00:04:13 00:11:50 :29 00:23:51.5
F7 Lisa NORDEN FEMALE 12 2 00:04:11 00:11:30 00:07:57 00:23:57.7
F2 Flora DUFFY FEMALE 13 3 00:04:12 00:11:36 00:07:51 00:24:00.2

Stage 2 today was a body sapping  draft legal Olympic Enduro where athletes swam 500 meters, bike 13 kilometers and run 3.3km, and will do these segments 3 times in a row !!!! Jorgensen again used her running ability to take the win and establish a good lead going into tomorrow’s final Stage 3. Flora finished 2nd to go into 2nd overall with around a 22 second lead over Lisa Norden but trailing Jorgensen by 41 secs.

F1 Gwen JORGENSEN FEMALE 11 1 02:01:30.0
F3 Flora DUFFY FEMALE 12 2 02:02:02.0
F2 Lisa NORDEN FEMALE 13 3 02:02:27.0

Stage 3 is a non drafting Sprint distance event where the athletes swim 750 meters, bike 20 kilometers and run 5 kilometers. Flora will be hoping to put time on Jorgensen on the swim and bike and with the non drafting format her superior bike skills could give her a good lead going into the run. However, with Jorgensen likely to eat into any lead on the run and holding a 41 sec lead the best Flora might hope for is to win tomorrow’s race and to hold down an impressive 3rd place overall.

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