The Bermuda Triathlon Association’s 2015  Awards Dinner takes place this Saturday 21st November at Riddell’s Bay Golf Club.

The guest speaker will be triathlon legend Greg Welch and Bermuda’s Tyler Butterfield, 5th at the Ironman World Championships, and XTerra World Champion and top ten ranked  ITU triathlete,Flora Duffy, will attend the dinner.

Welch, who hails from Australia but is now a US Citizen,  is acknowledged as one of the greatest triathletes due to his remarkable dominance in winning the “The Grand Slam” which included the ITU World Championships in 1990, the Ironman World Championships in 1994, the ITU Long Course World Championships in 1994 and the Duathlon World Championships in 1994. He also won numerous other prestigious races and finished 2nd overall in the ITU World Triathlon Series in 1991 and 2nd in the same year at the Ironman World Championships, a race in which he also finished 3rd twice. In 1997 he was 2nd in the Bermuda event of the ITU World Series. His career was sadly cut short in 2000 due to heart issues. Since then he has become one of the voices of triathlon as commentator for the Ironman World Championships and other Ironman Series races and for other races worldwide including the XTerra World Championships and the ITU 2015 World Championships. He is also Oakley’s Global Marketing Manager.

in 2014 he was one of the first group of inductees into the Triathlon Hall of Fame. In 2000 he was an ambassador to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Welch will be accompanied by his wife Sian, herself a leading professional triathlete in her time, and two daughters.

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