Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully you have all made new year resolutions to stick to your training schedules !

After a blogging rest, I am back in circulation so your phone will be pinging again with my blog post notifications ; I know you missed me.

The 2015 season culminated in another great annual dinner at Riddell’s Bay Golf Club in November attended by over 110 adult and junior triathletes and families. Thanks to Deb Narraway, Jen Gunn and Maria Duffy for all of their hard work in organising the event.

A highlight of the dinner was that Flora Duffy and Tyler Butterfield were there and our guest speaker was the triathlon legend Greg Welch, accompanied by his family.


Martina Olcheski – Bell was presented with the National Sprint and Olympic distance cups and was deservedly crowned our 2015 triathlete of the year. Tyler Smith was presented with the National Sprint Champs cup and crowned the male triathlete of the year, after another stellar season both at home and abroad.

Other award winners were :

Jonathan Herring – male National Olympic Distance Champion

Amber Simons and Blake Oliveira – Junior Triathletes of the Year

Rebecca Shepherd and Chris Fosker – Best Newcomers

Tim Patterson and Erica Hawley – Most Improved Triathletes

Club Person of the Year – Janet Harrison

A very popular winner was Duncan Scott, who received the Jim Butterfield Long Service Award after many years of service to the BTA in numerous capacities. I know from experience that he is always the first to volunteer. Thanks Duncan.

And ofcourse Flora Duffy and Tyler Butterfield’s fantastic seasons were recognised with Greg Welch highlighting their achievements.


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