The Neill Blake Camp got off to a great start on Friday night and today Saturday.

Almost all of the 40 participants attended Friday night’s meet and greet session which thanks to the generosity of Appleby again was held at an excellent venue. After grabbing a beer or wine and some food and after some thanks and introductions the participants were treated to excellent talks from Sharon Fenn and Annabel Carter.

Sharon brought an array of different style running shoes and showed her great knowledge of shoe technology providing everyone with some very helpful insights into shoe selection etc.,

Annabel Carter, a very experienced orthopaedic and sports medicine physician used an excellent overhead presentation to highlight common injuries and illnesses affecting triathletes and how to prevent and treat them.

l to r : Zoe Roberts, Viv Lochhead, Gary Stockley and Carolyn Leder get ready for the beach to bike transition

Saturday saw four newbies brave the early morning cold to learn the key components of the sport and pick up tips on transitions. They showed great enthusiasm and finished up with a mini triathlon.






The “Advanced” group prepare for the start of the first duathlon today

That session was followed by a hard first session for the Advanced programme as they took on three run/bike/run duathlons. Everyone started together and then raced time handicapped based on their time in the first duathlon. The first 12 across the line in duathlon II then raced in the “championship duathlon” with the next 12 in the “consolation duathlon”, again with handicapped times.

Kandis Matthews won the “consolation handicap duathlon”


Byron Rencken celebrates winning the “championship handicap duathlon” today. It was a hard and fast start to the camp but enjoyed by all

Despite the cold, there was a strong turn out for Saturday’s final session, a 4PM ocean swim at Harrington Sound with participants opting for easy recovery swims over distances from 750 meters to 1 mile.


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