Report by series director Dawn Johnson (thanks Dawn),

Catlin Bda Triathlons May 11th 2014 267_13976527199_l
THE DOC – Gerdhardt Boonstra – finished 5th on Thursday night (2014 picture)

Supersprint 2016 kicked off in fine style on Thursday evening at Clearwater Beach. 23 individuals turned up to test out their winter training schedule and catch up with people they probably haven’t seen since the supersprints finished last September. Youngsters Nick Pilgrim and Lynsey Palmer took the honours by being 1st and 2nd respectively, closely followed by the ever-present Kent Richardson. It was good to see some new faces at the Supersprint including Sarah Bonnet of cycling fame (asking the eternal question “why do we do this?”), Wolde Place, who gamely swam and ran although has yet to secure a bike for the middle part of the race and Arianna Balestrieri. Nancy Stevens bravely cycled a whole circuit wearing the wrong shoes and decided that was enough after all.
Many thanks go to Ian Pilgrim for introducing us all to a new and amazing app for timing races called, I believe, race timer!, to Donna Pilgrim for manning the bike turnaround, Charlie Duffy for recording times and to Nick Pilgrim for donating brownies

Super Sprint Results sheet 12 May 2016

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