Chatanooga triathletes 2016
L to R : Jonnie Betts, Kandis Matthews, Jenn Wilson and Tim Patterson enjoy a post race beer. Sadly Christine Patton was still out on course.

As already reported, Christine Patton completed the Chatanooga Ironman 70.3 on Sunday but she was not the only Bermuda triathlete to participate.

Jonnie Betts (men 45-49) finished 36th in his age group with a 29:55 swim, 2:37:37 bike and 1:55:50 run for an overall time of 5:10:23

Jennifer Wilson ( female 40-44) was 29th with splits of 32:27, 2:51:17 and 2:11:51 for an overall time of 5:43:12.

Tim Patterson (mens 4-44) was 73rd with splits of 30:32, 2:48:49 and 1:56:00 for an overall time of 5:23:38

Kandis Matthews (female 35-39) finished 28th with splits of 34:13,2:57:49 and 1:57:32 for an overall time of 5:36:14

As already reported Christine Patton finished 23rd in her 55-59 age group but evidently she was sick during the race and had to stop repeatedly. Credit to Christine for toughening out to the finish, especially as she went into the race with a shoulder injury.

Thanks to Jenn Wilson for the race report below and to Jonnie Betts for the photo.

The mainly down river swim was fast!! Then a challenging rolling hill bike course combined with riding into a head wind for the 2nd half (but with gorgeous scenery) plus a tough run course took its toll on all of us. We were all very happy to be done and having a beer – as you can see in the picture! This was also post massage so we were feeling human again!

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