As already reported yesterday, Nick Pilgrim and Caleb Ingham competed in the draft legal Canadian Youth Series triathlon in Ottawa which was turned into a duathlon. Here is Ian Pilgrim’s race report with a photo from Aaron Smith :

Caleb entering T2 yesterday

The early races on Saturday in Ottawa including the youth races were changed to Duathlons as water quality tests were still awaited at race time. The youth race started with a 1.3K run with the Youth boys setting off in a fast sprint. Nick hung in with the lead pack on the first run coming in to T1 in about 15th, his pace for the first run being 4.55 minute mile pace. Caleb was just a little bit further back into T1. The bike split into several packs, with Nick in the second chase pack and Caleb in the third. Both boys worked well in their respective packs. The eventual winner made a break from the lead pack on the last of the three laps on the 11.4K bike, for about a 15 second lead coming out of T2. Nick went into T2 at the head of the second chase pack and came out of T2 at the back of it – not his best transition. Caleb maintained his position in the third chase group. The field then split on the final 2.5K run, with the leader almost being caught.

Nick on the run yesterday

Nick had a solid run at just over 6 minute mile pace to finish 12 out of a field of 43. Caleb had a fantastic performance in his first draft legal race at this level to finish a very creditable 27, both boys being at the lower end of the age group. Nick is racing at Magog next weekend which features a Duathlon and Aquathlon on the Saturday and a triathlon on the Sunday for the 13-15 age group, with combined times for the three events determining final standings.

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