Thanks to Dawn for her race report :


With temperatures of 95 degrees expected New Jersey State triathlon had the potential to be very hard work. In the end both Joel Matthews and Dawn Johnson had a great race. Overall it was extremely well organised and with a lake swim, gently rolling bike and fairly well shaded run it turned into a great event.
The swim was in 83 degree water somewhat like Bermuda but there the similarity ended. It was akin to swimming through pea soup and you literally couldn’t see your hand when stretched out in the swim. Nevertheless it was soon enough over and the bike took place in beautiful rolling countryside surrounded by farmland and well organised and policed. With both doing good times on the bike only the dreaded 10 k run was left to worry about. The first 5k was primarily through shaded trees on tarmac paths around the lake. The second 5 was slightly less shaded but there was very little climbing to be done throughout.
Joel finished 24th in his age group with a time of 2hr 32 mins and 15 secs, whilst Dawn was excited to bring home a pb of 3 hrs 16 mins and 57 secs. Both would highly recommend this race for others in Bermuda looking to add another Olympic distance to their schedule. The high temp is offset by the low humidity.


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