The popular Thursday night super sprint series resumed this week at Clearwater Beach, St.Davids and it was the ladies who largely dominated the event.

The Pilgrim family team was unsurprisingly first across the line but the top 6 individual finishers were ladies with Karen Smith, junior Lyndsey Palmer and Tilly Norman the first three across the line. It was up to veteran Jeff Conyers to save the men’s blushes as he crossed the line in 9th although family honours went to daughter Caitlin who was 7th.


BTA Super Sprint 4 Aug 2016
1 – 200m swim; 3 laps bike; 2 laps run
2 – 100m swim; 2 laps bike; 1 lap run
# /Time / Name / Distance
1 24.46 Team Pilgrim 200m/3 laps/2K
2 25.55 Karen Smith 200m/3 laps/2K
3 28.01 Lynsey Palmer 200m/3 laps/2K
4 30.46 Tilly Norman 200m/3 laps/2K
5 30.57 Deb Norman 200m/3 laps/2K
6 32.15 Liz Stewart 200m/3 laps/2K
7 32.27 Caitlin Conyers 200m/3 laps/2K
8 33.05 Team Hillier 200m/3 laps/2K
9 34.15 Jeff Conyers 200m/3 laps/2K
10 34.50 Alison Scherer 200m/3 laps/2K
11 34.51 Gary Joel 200m/3 laps/2K
12 34.55 Team Johnson 200m/3 laps/2K
13 36.36 Denise Carey 200m/3 laps/2K
14 41.52 Colleen Scherer 200m/3 laps/2K

35.59 Lindsay Scherer 200m/3 laps/1K

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