BERMUDA’S AGE GROUP ATHLETES IN MOOLOOLABA L to R : Unkown triathlete, Phil Mace, Ashley Estwanik, Allison Schindel, Neil Lupsic, Adsy Gordon ( coach)

PRERACE : 5 days on the Gold Coast with our coach “Adsy” aka Adam Gordon who is based at Main Beach. We did some key sessions for the taper with adsy which taught us many things for future races.

We left for Mooloolaba on the Thursday and went for an open water swim on Friday morning 7am. We were greeted with rough seas for our sighting swim. During this session, Adsy gave us instruction on sighting and what to expect on race day. Post swim we went for a quick 15 minute run to check the hill that we would run over 4 times.

Saturday we handled bike setup and bag check in.

Race Day:

Woke at 4am and headed to transition at 5.10am to pump up tyres and we could not have asked for better swim conditions. A polar opposite of the Friday conditions.

Tyler (Butterfield) and Adsy started at 615am and some of the pros actually missed the start, Adsy being one of them. Tyler swam really well and came up with the lead group. Adsy came out with Lionel Sanders.

Tyler was happy with his cycle holding around 325 normalised watts for the duration ; Insane!! He came out onto the run in 1st place and ran 1 :16 which was great considering the disruptive run preparation he has had. Adsy served a 5 minute penalty during the bike and ran 1: 19. He stayed very positive which is refreshing.

Now to the non-pros….

Phil had an excellent swim and a quick transition given the large transition distance. He served a drafting penalty at mile 35 on the bike and started the run a little deflated. He battled hard to the end though! He has 3 large blood blisters on his toes that are epic.

Ash had a solid swim and was satisfied with her bike performance. She was troubled with a calf problem on the back part of the run but was determined to finish. A very good time.

Ally had a solid swim coming in 13th position. She started the bike and within 1.5miles suffered a side wall puncture on her tubular tyre which could not be fixed with sealant. She walked it back to transition mentally deflated given all the training and was greeted by officials. She was advised that she had less than 45 seconds to leave transition before she would have to default. The Shimano wheel team who were following the pros then came sprinting to the rescue and got her wheel changed and going again. The screams from the supporters were incredible and encouraged her to continue. For the next 56 miles, she was by herself determined to finish the race. She ran well considering the mental state to finish. I would have found it tough to continue on : so respect.

Neil had a solid race throughout and was happy overall with the result.

We spent the afternoon and had dinner with Tyler discussing Kona and the next few weeks of his training. He is happy with how he is progressing but wants to focus more on the run in coming weeks.

A huge thanks to Adsy as he welcomed and accomodated us during the week. We have all developed well under his instruction. It is amazing the results that follow when you train right and not overtrain! He has an incredible positive attitude and worked on both physical and mental components of all of us.

Australia has been great. Amazing food, scenery, beer and most importantly coffee!

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