The swim was absolutely stunning, clear and warm ocean! I had a pretty good swim with the first 200 m going as hard as I could. I got to the first turn buoy and was in probably fourth or fifth position. Since there was a group I decided to just jump on the feet in front of me. Unfortunately the feet I jumped on lost contact with the first three swimmers. I came out of the water with a group of five or six and we quickly formed a small chase pack combining with some of the 40-year-old age group women in front of us. It didn’t seem that anyone wanted to start a paceline or  work together to start catching. I took a lot of pulls and we caught two in our 45-49 age group but they just sat at the back. I tried to break it up but it was a pancake flat course and nowhere to get away. I came out of T2 in third and just tried to run with whatever my body could do given the limited running this year. I knew it was going to be a big ask but I did pass one girl and then ran through the age groups in front just picking off one by one. I had some info from the Bermuda contingent ,who cheered their hearts out, that I was 30 secs down from first. I tried to pick up the pace or at least the effort but 30 secs with 2k is too much. I didn’t expect to get passed with 200m to go though by the speedy Mexican who was in a different bike pack. Overall I’m really pleased as I couldn’t even run across the street a year ago. Sprints are not my forte, but I enjoyed this one. The results are still being worked on as my timing chip malfunctioned. The chief referee said I was unofficially 3rd so I’ll go with that!

Thanks everyone for their awesome support. So great to have family and the other Bermuda athletes here to cheer! Let’s go team Bermuda. Very excited to be watching the next three days of racing.

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