Tyler and Erica race report


Tough race, hot conditions. I was very happy with my swim and felt great out of T1 on the bike with the leaders. Unfortunately I just didnt have the legs today but I was encouraged by my swim / bike which showed that I can stick right with the best juniors in the world. I was disappointed with my run which was about two minutes slower than what I have been doing all season.


Just finished World Champs and I am so glad that’s done ! It was an insanely tough race. I had the last race number so unfortunately I was the last person to choose my place on the start line. On top of that my goggles filled completely with water when I dove in ! I was still happy with my swim and managed to get in with a decent group of girls on the bike. We caught a few girls along the way which made our group a little bigger but we were still lagging behind the leaders. On the third lap I started to have a headache and that did not bode well for the run. Coming off the bike I did not feel good and the rest of the race was very tough indeed.

Unfortunately I ended up in the medical tent with dehydration. However I am still happy that I finished the race and can’t wait to start training for next season ! I knew it would be tough coming in having just started university at altitude with a new coach but being slightly disappointed with the race only fuels me for next year.

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