Matthew Viney was 3rd across the line on Thursday

Last Thursday ( 29th September) was the last of the Super Sprint Series and congrats to Tim Palmer on his first series win. Wenda Roberts was the first lady across the line whilst junior Caleb Ingham finished just behind Tim.

Again, a big thank you to Dawn Johnson and then Ian Pilgrim for their great efforts in organising this very worthwhile series.

BTA Super Sprint 29 September 2016
Distance: 200m swim; 3 laps bike; 2 laps run
# Time Name
1 26.26 Tim Palmer
2 27.05 Caleb Ingham
3 27.23 Matthew Viney
4 27.41 Otis Ingham
5 28.39 James Dodgson
6 31.12 Wenda Roberts
7 32.30 Lara Boonstra
8 33.32 Gary Joel
9 34.59 Tammy Ingham
10 35.20 Earlena Ingham
11 39.12 Kirstie Jones
12 40.44 Litanya Smith
13 40.58 Liz Arnold

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