On November 6th at City Hall over 150 tri-adults and tri-kids paid their money to taste wines from various countries in which the Flora Duffy, the champ, has competed. The wine was  accompanied by sushi and other delicious foodstuffs.
Don’t know why I’m telling you this because I’m pretty sure nearly all of you were there!
Anyway I led off with my epic poem “Going like Hell in Cozumel” which has in the past been described as moving and witty (by me.) Surprisingly nothing was thrown, nobody booed and my bit wasn’t a complete disaster (Still haven’t got in any cash though!).
The Premier followed and was obviously impressed by Flora if not his warm-up act. He’s a bit of a sportsman himself so is able to comprehend at least to some extent just what Flora has managed to achieve, particularly this year. He expressed his great appreciation of Flora’s efforts both personally and on behalf of the island.
Next came the main event of the evening, the Q & A session with Flora. Most in the crowd had a pretty good idea of who Flora was which was a good start. All went well with Flora being particularly adept at patiently answering inane questions. Just joking, Neil did a good job with the questions.
Then came the auction of Flora’s Olympic racesuit signed by herself ; not the one she wore – a nice clean one. After a bidding war with Mr Fisher, it was acquired by Ms Howes for $1,050. Thanks Ms Howes and also Daddy Howes as I imagine he may be involved somehow in this deal.
Finally the raffle with the first prize (of about a dozen) being a half case of wine going to yours truly. It was suggested politely though quite loudly that I should refuse to take the prize and I did try but it was too late (next day).
All in all a great night. Thanks to the efforts of Jules Hawley and a team of volunteer members (apologies if I should have named more), non-members and even at least one bartender who turned up to help with no idea what the night was actually all about. Roughly $6,500 was raised for the BTA so thanks to all who paid to attend as well.
And as I’m writing this I get the last word. Actually the last three…………GO FLORA GO!!!!
Flora’s Dad

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