A group of Bermuda triathletes competed in the Miamiman triathlons last weekend and Steve O’Reilly, who finished 6th in his age group in the International distance provided this report :

Miami Zoo – Kendall – November 13th
Swim waves were super fun running off the beach through the start gate into the spring fed fresh water lake barely cold enough to use a wetsuit. It was  calm and clean but some challenges on the home straight with the sun in your eyes causing a number of swimmers (Marina included) off course a little. If you were lucky, as I was, some pair of toes could be found for most of the journey.
Everyone liked the bike route which was fairly flat and fast on open roads with efficient cops maintaining safety as riders hammered through the cross roads of the grid like semi rural, semi urban streets of the South-West Miami suburb of Kendall. The 70.3 riders went out into the rural farm zones . Sadly there were flats had by unlucky riders who met with thumb tacks on the road, this the second event recently plagued with this activity. The roads were great and there was just a light breeze. Helene had some issues with her pedals having been unable to bring her own and this caused her some challenges during her ride. Sharon was unlucky to receive a 4 minute penalty as an overtaking rider pulled in very close  as the official rode by. Bad luck Sharon but obviously very cool to be the bad girl

The ladies talked of having seen Zebras and Turtles on the 6.55km run loop but I only saw one deer and I’m not sure he was even part of the zoo. There were bits of shade, some views of the lake and some longer stretches through car parks making for a bearable run. Jen and Sharon had two loops and spoke less favorably of it, for obvious reasons!
I think everyone loved the event with the bike and swim as the favourites (who actually “likes” a run anyway, I mean really). Certainly Florida’s know their stuff and it would a great event for anyone wanting to step up to their first oversees race!
½ Iron distance
Jenn Wilson 5:35:34, 13th /33 Female 40-44 (Overall 263rd /750)
Sharon Hammond 5:39:48, 17th /47 Female 45-49 (Overall 288th /750)

International Distance (.6m swim, 22m bike, 6.55 m, run)
Marina O’Shea 2:57:30, 9th /19 Female 25-29 (Overall 292nd /532)
Helene Simmons 3:24:44, 17th /30 Female 50-54 (368th / 532)
Liz Stewart 2:52:41, 14th /28 Female 45-49 (273rd / 532)
Steve O’Reilly 2:17:41, 6th /41 Male 50-54 (57th /532)

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