TS Sarasota 2016Bermuda’s junior elite triathlete Tyler Smith is at Leeds University in the UK where he continues to juggle his school work with training whilst handling the weather and an encounter with a truck ! He sent me this report with details of his tentative schedule for 2017 :

Everything is going well with me, unfortunately I was recently hit by a truck while riding, and luckily haven’t got any major injuries but I’ve had to reduce training a bit for the moment. My next races will be the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Costa Rica, and then the North American Championships in Florida on the 4th and 11th of March respectively. I’m then planning on racing two Continental Cup races in April, the first in Bermuda, as well as one in Barbados 2 weeks after. May and June will likely be filled up by university races, then hopefully I can stay over here to race some European Cups over the summer in the lead up to worlds in Rotterdam (ed. 16-19 Junior Elite 2017 World Championships).

It’s looking to be a busy year, but I’m excited for my final year of junior racing, especially after training with the Leeds Triathlon Center. The center here is quite large, and includes some great triathletes with whom I’ve been lucky enough to train, including with 4 of the members of the GB Olympic team and several of the top U-23 and junior triathletes in the world. My training volume has definitely increased this year, and managing 28 hours of training a week can be difficult, but luckily the hours of my course are fairly flexible. The weather presents another challenge, both physically and mentally. I still haven’t got used to it, but wrapping myself up in 4 layers and a decent cafe stop are essential for getting through the long hours on the bike in the cold and rain. Hopefully persevering through the elements pays off and just adds another layer of mental toughness to my racing.

Excited to get the season started in less than a month!

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