Nick Pilgrim and Caleb Ingham produce strong performances at 13-15 draft legal F1 Series race in Clermont


Nick Pilgrim finished 6th today and Caleb Ingham finished 16th (38 participants) in the prestigious Fi series race for 13-15 year olds  in Clermont, Florida today, Sunday 5th March

Nick exited the water close to the leaders in 5 min 51 secs with Caleb close behind in 5:59 but they were unable to hold the pace of the leading three triathletes on the bike who recorded sub 17 minutes rides to separate themselves from the group and take the podium positions.

Nick came into T2 with a further small group just behind the leading three with a bike time of 17:25 whilst Caleb dropped a little further back with a bike time if 17:50.

Two of Nick’s group eased away on the run with sub 10 minute times but Nick (10:31) held on well for his 6th place in 34:43. Caleb recorded a run of 11:51 for a time of 36:39.

Caleb and Nick – file photo

Justin Free of the USA was the overall winner in 33:20

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