Erica Hawley race report


EH NA CHAMPS 2016Erica Hawley reports on the Central American and Caribbean Championships :

Race was really tough but I’m very happy with result. I wanted the win but unfortunately, a penalty cost that. Hopefully that’s my last penalty!

The race conditions and course were so tough. 2:30 pm race in 95 degree heat and 30-40 mph wind! My swim was really good… I think that’s the first time I’ve come out first which was nice! The bike was, well quite interesting! 400m elevation and only 1 lap but I had the Costa Rican girl (Solís) with me which helped. Last year she rode away from me so I was really happy I stayed with her on this hard course – proving I have improved a lot. The run was consistent and I’m just upset about the penalty. The realization and confusion of stopping on the penalty disrupted my rhythm and decreased my focus as I was worried about the girl catching rather than my run form on the second lap. But still happy!

Lots of positives and negatives to come away from racing and I’m feeling ready for next weekend in Sarasota


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