TS Sarasota 2016Tyler Smith competed yesterday in the “adult” Central American and Caribbean Sprint Triathlon Championships in Barbados finished 17th out of a starting field of 30.

Tyler had an excellent swim, exiting the water in 9 min 35 secs just 8 seconds behind the leader but failed to capitalise on his position as a slow transition meant he did not get into the lead group on the bike and his time of 33 mins :41 secs left him trailing the leaders in T2 by around 1 min 30 secs. After nursing a foot injury for the past few weeks which has limited his running Tyler’s run was understandably below his best as he completed the 5km in 18:46 for an overall time of 1:02:24. The race was won by Mexico’s Cesar Saracho, the only competitor to go under 16 mins in the run, who finished in 57.55.

For full results go to :


Here is the Digicel sponsored athlete’s race report :

It was good racing today, and an exciting opportunity to race against some top competition as these were also the CAC championships, with 12 countries and 30 competitors taking the line. I was encouraged by my swim coming out of the water in the top 5 around 10 seconds back from the leader. With a slow transition (not accurate on itu results as I lost my chip) and without good bike legs today, I never made the lead group, and was in a small chase of 5 guys. My run was off normal standards, but understandable in the hot conditions, and I’m happy to have seemingly overcome the foot injury that left me out of the run in Bermuda 2 weeks ago. Back to Leeds to try and work out a few things, but I think these elite races have put me in a good position for future junior races this year.


Tyler Butterfield produced another excellent performance today in the Ironman North American Championships going under 8 hours to take third place in 7 hours 58 mins. 29 seconds

Catlin Bda Triathlons May 11th 2014 496

Tyler exited the water with a lead group that included Andrew Starykowicz of the USA and as expected Starykowicz used his biking ability to post a very quick 4 hrs 01 min 14 sec and take a commanding lead into T2 with Tyler 2nd. However the USA’s Matt Hanson, 2nd in 2015 in these championships, exited T2 less than a minute behind Tyler and used his outstanding run speed to pull away from Tyler and catch the fading Starkowicz.

Tyler also had to contend with the fast charging Ronnie Shildknecht of Switzerland, also known for his running ability, who eventually also reeled in Tyler to finish in 7:56:21. Hanson however ran just over 2 hrs 42 mins to easily take the win in a new course record of 7:52:44.

Tyler managed to hold off the fast finishing Will Clarke of the UK who exited the water close to Tyler but lost time on the bike. He finished just 33 secs behind Tyler in 7:59:02.




Erica Hawley wins collegiates 2017.JPGErica Hawley produced perhaps the best result of her young career so far as she won the 2017 USA National Collegiate Championships. The result is all the more remarkable as she is still in her first year at university. And, in true Bermuda style ( aka Flora Duffy) she did it “solo” for most of the race.

Here is Erica’s report :

Hi everyone!!
Today I raced in the USA collegiate club national championships (draft legal sprint event) and I managed the win! Going in to the event I didn’t know anyone in the field so I was going in blind and wasn’t sure what to expect.
I had a strong swim coming out with second place, Teresa Groton, and then I managed to gain a lead through T1. On the first lap of the bike I had a lead and no one was gaining.. so I had to solo it!! It was a 5 lap course so I could see where everyone was making time (or not). On laps 4 and 5 I just kept gaining time on them and going into T2 i had  over minute lead. The run definitely hurt with the heat and I had a stitch but I knew that I was in the lead and all I needed was to keep it comfortable in order to win.
It was an incredible day. My team of 28 were so supportive and it was an unreal atmosphere


sign-upAs already posted on this blog the ITU Long Course Triathlon, Standard Duathlon, Sprint Duathlon ( draft legal), Aquabike, Aquathlon ( swim / run) and Cross ( Xterra) World Champs for Elite, Age Group, U23 and Juniors takes place in August 2017 in beautiful Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. For more details go to http://www.penticton2017.com

The Bermuda Triathlon Association must submit its entries by April 30th, 2017 and therefore you must submit your entry by Monday 25th April 2017.

If you would like to represent Bermuda in any of these championship events please contact Dave Morrison at dm@uptonmanagement.com and he will provide you with an application form and details on how to qualify and more information on the race and costs etc.,

There are also open categories in all of the races and you do not need to qualify to race in this category ( which goes last in each race) and although you can only enter directly on the website please still contact Dave so we know you are part of the Bermuda contingent.


17934204_292546347847815_2145432174050934784_n.jpgFollowing on from his 4th place finish in the Dubai 70.3 earlier in the season, Tyler Butterfield will be on the start line this Saturday 22nd April for the Ironman North American Championships in Texas.

IM Texas is the second of the 2017 Regional Championship races – a lot of Ironman World Championships, Kona points (4.000 for the winner), a large prize purse (150.000 US$) and automatic qualifier slots for the winners practically guarantee strong pro fields. This year’s lists of participants are very interesting, as both the male and female fields do not seem to have a clear favorite and Tyler has a strong chance of a podium finish.

The 2015 men’s winner, Matt Hanson,  last year’s 2nd place finisher  ( shortened course) Matt Russell , Russia’s Ivan Tutukin and the UK’s Will Clarke are likely to be in contention along with veteran Jordan Rapp, the UK’s Joe Skipper, Ronnie Schildknecht of Switzerland and Bas Diederen of the Netherlands.

The USA’s Andrew Starykowicz will most likely lead off the bike as he is an exceptional cyclist but in the past he has not had the run to match his swim / bike. Tyler should be in a group following Starykowicz into T2.

Last year’s race had a shortened bike leg when there were problems getting the necessary permits and very bad weather created the additional need for some last-minute scrambles.

Athletes will begin with a 2.4-mile swim in Lake Woodlands. The rolling start, point-to-point swim begins at North Shore Park and ends at Town Green Park. The two-loop, out and back 112-mile bike course takes participants south through the scenic, rolling farmland of east Texas. The day ends with a 26.2-mile run taking place entirely within The Woodlands and concluding with a spectacular finish on Waterway Ave.

To follow the race go to the results section at http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/texas.aspx


Large turn out for the Good Friday Triathlon

57 people showed up today, Friday, for the annual Good Friday Triathlon at Harrington Sound with the numbers bolstered by athletes on the island attending the junior camps, part of the Digicel TriFest.

Visitor Eddie Smith blew away the field in 52.49 whilst coach Kelly Guest, a former professional triathlete, was 2nd. Youngster Nick Pilgrim was an impressive 3rd overall. Karen Smith was 1st woman and 5th overall.

Kelly Guest


Good Friday Home Event – Harrington Sound Dock
Full Distance (approx): 700m swim; 11.5 mile Cycle; 4.5K run

Full Distance – Individuals

1 52.49 Eddie Smith
2 56.38 Kelly Guest
3 1.00.26 Nick Pilgrim
4 1.01.17 Steve Smith
5 1.01.29 Karen Smith
6 1.02.26 Byron Rencken
7 1.03.04 Kevin Ronaldson
8 1.03.34 Nuri Latham
9 1.03.47 Allison Petty
10 1.07.21 Steve O’Reilly
11 1.07.32 Joell Matthews
12 1.07.54 Kristen Palmer
13 1.07.55 Laura Norman
14 1.09.36 Liz Stewart
15 1.10.09 Louise Wells
16 1.11.50 Duncan Scott
17 1.13.25 Wes Lindo
18 1.16.38 Richard Hammond
19 1.16.53 Claire McDevitt
20 1.17.58 Charlie Duffy
21 1.18.01 Tom Hands
22 1.20.06 Caitlin Conyers
23 1.21.16 Maria Duffy
24 1.22.54 Kim McIvor
25 1.25.04 Christina Cabrall
26 1.25.05 Jamie Lee Wright
27 1.38.52 Judith Howe Tucker
28 1.40.27 Susan Breen

Other Distances – Individuals

1.02.06 Martin Sobey (Double run)
40.32 Phil Mace (swim and bike only)
43.08 Tyler Smith (short run)
50.29 Keisha Besler (short run)
1.20.58 Manning Smith (short bike/short run)
1.27.33 Charmaine Smith (short run)
1.38.19 Kirstie Jones (short bike)
Russell Burgess (swim only)
Ashley Estwanik (swim and bike only)
Julia Hawley (swim and bike only)

Full Distance – Teams

1 55.09 JMT (Jessie Marshall/Matthew Oliviera/Tilly Norman)
2 1.03.57 Pilgrim A (Charlie P/Alex P/Rosie Finnigan)
3 1.05.57 Ingham (Caleb/Tammy/Otis)
4 1.07.13 Pilgrim B (Molly/Ian/Donna)
5 1.13.26 Kelley’s Heroes A (Kelly Guest/Megan Hands/Amber Simons)
6 1.14.03 Norman Conquest (Dave/Eddie/Debs)

Other Distances – Teams

50.56 Kelley’s Heroes B (Kelly Guest/Jamie Peckett/Jamie Peckett) (short bike/short run)
53.21 Caleb Ingham/Tommy Marshall/Tommy Marshall) (short run)

Total of 57 competitors
Timing and organization: Patty and Steven Petty
Drone/Submarine Operator: Aaron Smith
Photographer: Aaron Smith
Refreshments: Maria Duffy/Karen Smith
Results: Ian Pilgrim



Belated congratulations to our awesome triathletes who took so many top honours at the recent 2016 Government Sports Awards. All of the hard work put in by the athletes themselves and the fantastic support they receive are a credit tp our sport and their achievement are remarkable from an island of just over 60,000 people.

Flora Duffy and Tyler Butterfield both again took the top honours of Athletes of the Year whilst both Tyler and Erica won Junior Achievement Awards. On hand were the proud parents of all of the athletes to receive their awards.

Another junior who has excelled in triathlon is Mathew Oliviera who was recognised for his achievements in cycling but ofcourse won the amateur overall Digicel Triathlon this past Sunday.


Flora Duffy wrote to me that she could have got her ITU World Series campaign underway last week in the Gold Coast leg of the series but opted to sit it out to ensure that she is fully recovered before racing.

Triathlon is littered with professional, and amateur, triathletes who have tried to come back too early from injury and ended up either with chronic injuries, operations or brought about the end of their careers.

It is a good lesson for all triathletes that when injured or sick you need to rest and listen to your body, doctor and physio before coming back. For anyone hoping to be involved in the sport long term this patient approach is critical. Take a lesson from Flora’s book.

And…. when you do come back, come back gradually to avoid a relapse.

Hopefully Flora’s planned comeback at Yokoma will go ahead and one thing is for sure, she will be like a greyhound in a trap waiting to race again.


A meesage from race director Aaron Smith

Digicel TriFest and ITU Continental Cup 2017

Thank you one and all!

By all accounts, Sunday’s event was a resounding success. With over 100 local participants and 35 Elite athletes we exceeded expectations for this inaugural event which included Bermuda’s first ITU sanctioned triathlon in 20 years. Congratulations to all who participated!

As Race Director, I couldn’t be prouder of what we were able to accomplish especially given the challenges of limited resources and experience with events of this caliber.

Nothing would have been possible without our sponsors’ involvement. The Bermuda Tourism Authority have proved to be an invaluable supporter of our sport. The fact that we were able to provide more than just a race but a “TriFest Experience” that included training camps, officials’ clinics and an expo in addition to junior, age-group, team and elite racing, fits their vision and ours for growing Bermuda as a sports tourism destination (hopefully with triathlon as a key element).

Digicel stepped in on a late request and had a huge impact as our lead corporate sponsor providing not only funding but several valuable prizes and items to help race participants, volunteers and spectators enjoy the experience. We look forward to their continued involvement in our growing sport.

Other sponsors included Oakley Capital Investments, Butterfield & Vallis, BGA, Barritt’s, Phoenix Stores and East End Telecom. In addition, there were several businesses along our route who were impacted by road closures but for whom we are grateful for their cooperation and contributions including BUEI, RUBiS East Broadway, The SuperMart, Tribe Road Kitchen, Docksiders, Bermuda Bistro, Flanagans and the Pickled Onion.

I also think our local media provided extraordinary coverage for the event and during its lead-up. We are very fortunate to have such talented and knowledgeable reporters following our sport.

We had over 50 volunteers sign up to help with the TriFest… many of whom put in long hours not just on race day but leading up to the race with planning and preparation. Without your time and dedication, the event would not have been possible.

Last but not least, I wanted to thank all the members who joined me on the Local Organizing Committee (Julia Hawley, Steve O’Reilly, Ian Pilgrim and Alex Shepherd), our visiting ITU Technical Delegate (Andrew Dacanay) and race referee (Patty Petty) as well as everyone who served as a Technical Official (after taking a demanding clinic), section chiefs, road marshals and all of the other roles (some performing multiple duties!) that it takes to make a successful event. Many of you who volunteered your time were not able to participate in the event, or you found yourself running to perform a duty for the elite races literally right from the finish line of your race… Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, nor has your love for the sport.

It was my honour and privilege to be the Race Director for Bermuda’s first Continental Cup. My greatest reward has been the accolades and commendations we have received from the elite athletes thanking us for everything from their transportation and homestays, to the course layout and volunteer assistance… A true community effort! The female race winner, Dominika Jamnicky said that the hospitality was overwhelming and it was one of the best run events that she has ever attended… and a quick check of her stats shows that this was her 63rd ITU event!

Thanks again to all and looking forward to more successful events – both local and international – in our future.

Aaron Smith

Digicel Tri fest younger junior races now duathlon

Following feedback from parents, the 7-10 and 11-12 year olds will now compete in duathlon so (run-bike-run) in the Digicel TriFest Junior Triathlons this weekend.

Distances : 7-10 will do 0.5km, 4km, 1km and 11-12 will do 1km, 8km, 2km

The 13-15 age group remains the same ( 375m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run

Any athlete aged 12 on race day but eligible for the 13-15 age group will be allowed to enter the 11-12 duathlon if they do not wish to swim.

Sign up st Racedatworld.com or at the Digicel store on Church Street this Friday 7th April between 4 and 6PM.