A meesage from race director Aaron Smith

Digicel TriFest and ITU Continental Cup 2017

Thank you one and all!

By all accounts, Sunday’s event was a resounding success. With over 100 local participants and 35 Elite athletes we exceeded expectations for this inaugural event which included Bermuda’s first ITU sanctioned triathlon in 20 years. Congratulations to all who participated!

As Race Director, I couldn’t be prouder of what we were able to accomplish especially given the challenges of limited resources and experience with events of this caliber.

Nothing would have been possible without our sponsors’ involvement. The Bermuda Tourism Authority have proved to be an invaluable supporter of our sport. The fact that we were able to provide more than just a race but a “TriFest Experience” that included training camps, officials’ clinics and an expo in addition to junior, age-group, team and elite racing, fits their vision and ours for growing Bermuda as a sports tourism destination (hopefully with triathlon as a key element).

Digicel stepped in on a late request and had a huge impact as our lead corporate sponsor providing not only funding but several valuable prizes and items to help race participants, volunteers and spectators enjoy the experience. We look forward to their continued involvement in our growing sport.

Other sponsors included Oakley Capital Investments, Butterfield & Vallis, BGA, Barritt’s, Phoenix Stores and East End Telecom. In addition, there were several businesses along our route who were impacted by road closures but for whom we are grateful for their cooperation and contributions including BUEI, RUBiS East Broadway, The SuperMart, Tribe Road Kitchen, Docksiders, Bermuda Bistro, Flanagans and the Pickled Onion.

I also think our local media provided extraordinary coverage for the event and during its lead-up. We are very fortunate to have such talented and knowledgeable reporters following our sport.

We had over 50 volunteers sign up to help with the TriFest… many of whom put in long hours not just on race day but leading up to the race with planning and preparation. Without your time and dedication, the event would not have been possible.

Last but not least, I wanted to thank all the members who joined me on the Local Organizing Committee (Julia Hawley, Steve O’Reilly, Ian Pilgrim and Alex Shepherd), our visiting ITU Technical Delegate (Andrew Dacanay) and race referee (Patty Petty) as well as everyone who served as a Technical Official (after taking a demanding clinic), section chiefs, road marshals and all of the other roles (some performing multiple duties!) that it takes to make a successful event. Many of you who volunteered your time were not able to participate in the event, or you found yourself running to perform a duty for the elite races literally right from the finish line of your race… Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, nor has your love for the sport.

It was my honour and privilege to be the Race Director for Bermuda’s first Continental Cup. My greatest reward has been the accolades and commendations we have received from the elite athletes thanking us for everything from their transportation and homestays, to the course layout and volunteer assistance… A true community effort! The female race winner, Dominika Jamnicky said that the hospitality was overwhelming and it was one of the best run events that she has ever attended… and a quick check of her stats shows that this was her 63rd ITU event!

Thanks again to all and looking forward to more successful events – both local and international – in our future.

Aaron Smith


  1. Well done Aaron and the LOC and everyone who contributed. A lot of praise for the event coming in with bank details from prize winners.

    C/M Duffy

    85 South Road

    Paget PG03

    C – 533 3156

    M – 533 1952

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