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Rory Fleming takes top honours in the 7-10 racing bike age group at yesterday’s Clarien Ironkids Triathlon ( photo courtesy of Bermuda Timing)

Yesterday’s Clarien Ironkids Triathlon was another great success thanks to the efforts of the sponsors and Clarien staff and volunteers under race director Spencer Conway. Clarien have made this event a highlight of the triathlon year.

The 11-10 year olds raced over 100m swim, 2.5 mile bike and .5 mile run with the 11-15 year olds racing over 200m swim, 5 mile bike and 1 mile run.

In the 11-15 racing bike category there were few surprises as Bermuda’s leading 13-15 juniors took center stage. As expected, Nick Pilgrim and Caleb Ingham, fresh from their exploits racing as youth elites in the USA, took the top two spots in 22:57 and 23:35 with 13 year old Tommy Marshall producing another outstanding performance to finish just three seconds behind Caleb in 23:38.

Amongst the girls, Jessie Marshall was also a clear winner in 27:16 with Megan Hands in 2nd ( 28:17) and Amber Simons 3rd ( 30:09)

In the 7-10 racing bike category, Rory Fleming was a clear winner in 15:20 with Callum McFarlane 2nd in 15:41 and Gordon Smith 3rd in 15:59. Charlotte Millington ( 18:14) won the girls division ahead of Ayshalay Simons ( 18:26) and Somers Stevenson ( 19:43).

The Clarien Ironkids also has non racing bike categories  which attracts less experienced triathletes and in the 7-10 category Sanchez Smith was the boys winner in  22.14, the same time as the girls winner Kelise Wade. In a very close girls’ race, Legend Stevenson was 2nd in 22:15 with Evans Wade 3rd in 22:17. Michael Madeiros and Cole Hefferman were 2nd and 3rd in the boys race.

The 11-15 non racing bike winner was Jaiden Furbert Jacobs in 33:04 with Sebastian Madeiros (36:33) edging out Max Laurence (36:37). Olivia Heffernan (40:36) was the first 11-15 girl ahead of Katherine Bean Rosario (40:54).

As usual, one of the highlights of the day at Clearwater Beach was the Tiny Tots race.



Louise Wells finished 24th in her age group in Chattanooga today

Phil Mace and Ashley Estwanik lead the way as a large contingent of Bermuda triathletes completed the Chattanooga 70.3 Ironman Triathlon today, Sunday 21st May.

Phil Mace finished a very strong 2nd in the mens 40-44 age group with a very quick 4hrs 07 mins 04 secs which was also good enough for 29th overall. However, the swim times for all athletes were very quick. At press time I dont know why the swim times were so quick but assume that it was because of a strong down river current.

Ashley Estwanik continued to impress in overseas races with a 3rd place finish in the womens 40-44 age group in 4:26:32.

Other results ( short swim) showing age group – age group placing – overall time)

Geoff Smith     50-54    11th    4:29:05

Alex Kronenburg    35-39      33rd   4:38:52

Alison Petty   35-39     15th   4:45:20

Alex Shepherd   45-49   42nd  4:54:13

Louise Wells    40-44  24th   4:58:15

Steve O’Reilly   50-54  45th  5:06:16

Aine O’Sullivan    25-29   21st  5:10:29

Claire McDevitt  40-44   36th     5:14:16

Joel Matthews   35-39   96th   5:17:15

Melissa Logie    30-34   21st    5:21:59

Liz Stewart   45-49   29th   5:23:19

Jen Wilson   40-44   46th    5:25:23

Dianna White  30-34   25th  5:26:30

Deanna Didyk   45-49  65th  5:52:48

Matt Thompson received a DQ but at press time the reason is unknown. Chris Eaton only managed the swim as he went into the even injured.

The event was a precursor for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in September with places up for grabs in these championships. At press time I am uncertain who, if anyone, has qualified but a further report will follow.



Sue Edney endured the notorious Lanzarote bike headwinds and heat (at one point at 38 degrees in the afternoon) as well as almost 3000 meters of climbing and two long transitions to take 4th place in the Female 55-59 age group at Lanzarote Ironman today, Saturday 20th May.

Sue completed the swim, which some competitors’ Garmins recorded as being as much as 400 meters long, in 1hr 21 min 20 secs and briefly moved into 2nd place on the bike before dropping back to 3rd again with a 7hrs 23 mins 54 secs for the 180.2km bike. The 42km run was held along the waterfront and the heat took its toll on competitors. Sue recorded a time of 5 hrs 05 mins 07 secs for a finishing time of 14 hrs 06 mins 18 secs. Sue’s transitions were 7 min 47 secs and 8 min 10 sec.

The race was won by Bart Aernouts of Belgium in 8 hrs 34 mins 13 secs after a very strong bike. Lucy Charles of the UK put in a strong allround performance to finish as the first woman in 9:35:40.


I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of 19 year old University of Colorado student and triathlete Alessandro Zarzur, a training partner and friend of Bermuda’s Erica Hawley.

My thoughts are with his family and friends and I am sure that I speak for  the Bermuda triathlon community in offering his family our deepest condolences .

It would appear that Alessandro crossed a yellow line whilst descending and fell into the path of a pick up or van whilst trying to brake.

I am publishing the photograph below of Alessandro’s funeral, which many may find shocking, because I want to drum home, notably to parents whose children ride bikes in Bermuda and abroad, the importance of educating and reminding all bike users of the dangers of road riding and (see below) what they can do to minimize the risk.

Zarzur funeral.jpg
Alessandro Zazur is laid to rest in Boulder, Colorado – RIP

It is so important that we constantly remind all triathletes and cyclists, especially the less experienced, of the real dangers of being on the road on a bike and emphasise to them that they should do take all precautions before heading out on the road and be constantly vigilant and cautious.

Here are some tips I published in a Bermuda Sun article in 2014 :

1. Make sure your bike has air in the tires, the brakes are working and everything is tightened down. I know an experienced cyclist who worked on a wheel and didn’t tighten it properly and forgot and the wheel came off. He was out for months. When riding on wet roads it is advisable to have a little less air in the tyres. Speak to your bike shop on the appropriate air pressure for your bike / wheels depending on road conditions and regularly check that your tyre pressure is correct for the conditions.
2. Make sure you are visible. Bright ,and/or reflective for night time, colours work best and have strong charged lights ( white at the front and flashing red at the back).
3. Wear a good helmet ( check with your bike store if uncertain about your helmet) with the strap tightened and if it suffers any impact replace it.
4. Make eye contact with drivers, especially at intersections and crossings, so you know they have seen you. Car drivers often assume that bikes are travelling slower than they sometimes are so judge badly when turning infront of you.
5. ALWAYS stay alert. Be aware of what is happening around you, including practicing looking behind you, not easy at first.
6. Look out for potholes and avoid slippery manhole covers, gravel, sand and painted lines.
7. When riding in a group send warnings back by shouting and hand signals. Learn the standard signals.
8. Think distances when riding behind vehicles and past park cars. Ride two feet out to stop cars trying to squeeze past you.
9. Ride as conservatively as possible especially when wet and cornering when wet or riding on unknown roads especially when descending or taking corners. Some vehicles, often on less used roads, cut corners so avoid riding too close to the center line in particular on corners when you can’t see what is around the corner.
10. Make your intentions clear early with hand signals and check over your shoulder before making a move.

And ofcourse, obey traffic signals and rules of the road and don’t take silly risks.


Ben Lau has completed both of the opening two races in the 2017 Thursday night sprint series – see results below.

The Bermuda Triathlon Association’s Thursday night sprint series got underway on May 1th with a small field of mostly juniors but this past Thursday 18th May event attracted a much larger field in what has always proved a popular series.


MAY 18TH, 2017

Standard Distance – 200m swim/8K bike/1.6K run
Time Name
24.17 Nick Pilgrim
27.06 Ben Lau
27.32 Tim Palmer
28.21 Jessie Marshall
29.55 Otis Ingham
30.15 Laura Hope
31.16 Wenda Roberts
32.17 Aaron Cannonier
32.23 Elizabeth Harris
33.48 Hilary Bruce-Payne
36.12 Sam Naude
36.21 Dave Hope

34.03 Litanya Smith 1 lap run
37.56 Joshua Fox 1 lap run

100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run
20.31 Jake Smith

1 lap bike/1 lap run
20.48 Nayland Harris
28.58 Gabriel Smith
MAY 11TH, 2017

Standard Distance – 200m swim/8K bike/1.6K run
Time Name
24.42 Tommy Marshall
27.24 Lynsey Palmer
27.35 Ben Lau
28.44 Jessie Marshall
36.12 Hilary Bruce-Payne
37.31 Sam Naude
37.56 Keith Robinson

100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run


Iron-Kids-LogoThe 29th Clarien Bank Ironkids Triathlon takes place this Saturday 20th May 2017 at Clearwater Beach, St.David’s and as in past years a large number of young athletes are expected to participate in what is traditionly a very inclusive and fun event for kids aged 7 to 15 in various age categories with a tiny tots event for 3 to 6 year olds

The 7-10 year olds race over 100m swim, 2.5 mile bike and .5 mile run with 11-15 year olds racing over 200m swim, 5 mile bike and 1 mile run. The 11-15 year olds have the added incentive of scholarships awarded for the first boy and girl finishers who receive $1000 for first place, $500 for 2nd place and $250 for 3rd place.

Although the event is billed as a fun event , the Clarien Ironkids always attracts Bermuda’s best 15 and under up and coming triathletes and competition is always fierce for age group honours.

REGISTRATION closes today, Friday 19th May at 5PM. To register go to


• Friday May 19th, 5:30-8pm – Race Setup – Meet at ClearWater Beach – BTA shed
• Saturday May 20th, 12pm-6pm (or as much of that as you can make) – Race Day various volunteers out on the course and helping kids in general, various other race admin roles

TO VOLUNTEER EMAIL for Saturday or just show up on Friday.


Phil Mace, 2nd from left and then left to right Ashley Estwanik, Alison Petty and Neil Lupsic, shown here at last year’s Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Australia with coach Adsy Gordon (far right), are all signed up to race in Chattanooga next weekend

One of the largest ( if not the largest) contingent of Bermuda triathletes ever will descend on Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA next week to race in their Ironman 70.3 event on Sunday 21st May. At press time 20 Bermuda triathletes appear to be making the trip but I have been unable to confirm whether everyone listed below is still going. The group might have been as large as 26 but six athletes had to pull out for various reasons.

Chattanooga will also host the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in September so this race will likely attract a strong international field looking to test themselves on the World Championships course and hoping to grab one of the 75 age group qualifying spots for those 2017, 70.3 World Championships that next weekend’s race offers.

Bermuda has a strong contingent going including Ashley Estwanik, who will be looking for a possible podium finish. Neil Lupsic and Phil Mace are two other likely contenders for a top 20 finish in their age groups. The full squad, as far as I can ascertain, is :

Aine O’Sullivan
Alec Shepherd
Alex Kronenberg
Allison Petty
Ashley Estwanik
Brian Lynch (in under Ireland)
Chris Eaton
Claire McDevitt
Deanna Didyk
Dianna White
Geoff Smith
Jenn Wilson
Joel Matthews
Liz Stewart
Louise Wells
Matt Thompson
Melissa Logie
Neil Lupsic
Philip Mace
Steve O’Reillly

Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga begins with a point-to-point swim that is mostly downstream in the Tennessee River. Athletes will begin with a short up-river section before making the turn and heading downriver to the transition area. The bike course offers spectacular views of Lookout Mountain as the riders head out 11 miles south of town for a rolling 34-mile loop in Georgia. The day ends with a chance to enjoy Chattanooga’s many tourist attractions as athletes take in the Tennessee Riverwalk and the beautiful Riverfront Parkway during the two-loop run.


Originally from:


Tyler Butterfield Monterrey 2017
Tyler Butterfield (right) on the podium at Monterrey today.

Tyler Butterfield produced another strong display today to finish 2nd at the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey, just 24 seconds behind winner Kevin Collington of the USA.

Tyler was 5th out of the water in 24:05 in the lead group separated by just a few seconds. As expected, Andrew Starykowicz produced the fastest bike of the day (1:57:22) with Tyler 3rd off the bike after a 2:00:21 bike. Collington was however close behind and produced a slightly faster run (1:15:08) than Tyler (1:15:27). to edge him out. Collington finished in 3:42:09 with Tyler finishing in 3:42:34. Local veteran professional Fransisco Serrano was 3rd.


Flora Duffy winning Yokahama today

After missing the first two races on the International Triathlon Union’s World Series races through injury, Flora Duffy go back to winning ways today, Saturday 13h May, taking 1st place in Yokahama, Japan in the 3rd race of the series. But what was most impressive was the manner of Flora’s win as she destroyed a very strong field finishing nearly 2 minutes ahead of the USA’s Katie Zaferes.

Flora emerged from the water in 19:07 with a small lead group but together with the GB athlete Sophie Coldwell once again used her bike strength to open up a significant gap of over a minute on the chasing pack in wet and treacherous conditions. Flora posted a bike time of 61 min 18 secs to enter T2 with just Coldwell.

Any doubts that Flora might not have the run to hold of the chasers after an injury that prevented her from running for weeks were soon blown away as Flora produced one of the fastest run times of the day for the 10km ( 34:25) to finish in 1hr 56 mins 18 secs with Zaferes a distant second in 1:58:09 and another up and coming US athlete,Kirsten Kasper, third in 1:58:17.

For full results go to and look in the results section.

More to follow as I was unable to watch the race live and am taking information from the results splits