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A good turn out at today’s Heroes Day Sprint Triathlon

The annual Heroes Day Sprint Triathlon today ( Monday 19th June) attracted a good size field.

Tucker Murphy was the only competitor to break 1 hour over the course which started and finished at the traditional transition point of the Harrington Sound School Dock. Karen Smith was the first female and 3rd overall.


National Heroes Day Home Event 19 June 2017 – Harrington Sound Dock

Full Distance (approximate distances – 750m swim/11.5 mile bike/4.7K run)
Time Name
59.26 Tucker Murphy
1.01.46 Steve Smith
1.04.01 Karen Smith
1.04.19 Alan Potts
1.05.35 Ben Lau
1.05.41 Alec Shepherd
1.05.52 Tim Patterson
1.06.07 Kevin Ronaldson
1.08.51 Spencer Conway
1.09.08 John Thompson
1.09.21 Melissa Logie
1.09.35 Gerhard Boonstra
1.10.54 Sharon Hammond
1.11.54 David Souter
1.12.09 Becky Shepherd
1.14.50 Claire McDevitt
1.15.18 Tim Palmer
1.15.58 Richard Hammond
1.21.26 Diana Wright
1.22.53 Lara Rogers
1.45.05 Elinor Lucas
1.07.44 NIckPilgrim/Wes Lindo/Wes Lindo
1.09.11 John Thompson/Spencer Smith/Caleb Ingham

Super Sprint (approximate distances 400m swim/6.5 mile bike/2k run
38.43 Lynsey Palmer
43.24 Steve Petty
46.53 Deb Norman

Swim only (750m)
10.31 Nick Pilgrim
10.37 Caleb Ingham
12.47 Andrew Davis
14.15 Joel Matthews

750m swim/6.5 mile bike/2K run
49.17 Duncan Scott

750m swim/6.5 mile bike/no run
38.37 Julia Hawley

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