Caleb Ingham ii

A group of leading Bermuda triathlon juniors and their parents are headed to compete in Magog, Quebec, Canada this weekend in one of the leading triathlon weekends in North America .

Leading the way will be junior 16-19 elite triathlete Tyler Smith who will be competing in the Pan American Championships, his qualifying race for the Junior Elite World Championships in Rotterdam in September 2017.
Nick Pilgrim , Caleb Ingham  and Amber Simons will competed in the Under 15 Quebec Cup with Megan Hands and Zoe Hasselkuss (under 13 Quebec Cup) and Jasmine
Hasselkuss (under 11 triathlon) also going to the start line.

With the exception of Jasmine and Tyler, the other juniors who are under 13 or under 15 will be doing 3 stages. Stage 1 is an aquathon, Stage 2 is a duathlon and Stage 3 is a triathlon. Stage 1 and 2 are on Sat. July 15th and Stage 3 is on Sunday July 16th.
Jasmine is doing the triathlon for her age group (stages not offered until under 13).

Some parents are also tentatively racing :
Dirk Hasselkuss – combined Sprint/Olympic (over 2 days),Nancy Stevens – Sprint  and Karen Smith -1/2 Ironman. Otis Ingham is undecided.

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