Thanks to Tim Palmer for organising the super sprint on Thursday 13th July and providing these results :

Due to the Adsy Gordon Camp taking place there was a smaller turn out than normal for the super sprint tri at Clearwater Beach on Thursday evening. Despite this there was some impressive times recorded on a hot and humid night. Allan Potts continues to impress with the fastest time this year of 23:58 beating Tucker Murphy’s previous record by 1 second.

Allan Potts 23:58
Tommy Marshall 24:54
Otis Ingham 28:04
Jessie Marshall 29:06
Randy Smith 29:42
Lea Osbourne 29:44
Lara Rogers 32:21
R Notter 35:52
Charlotte Millington 37:48 ( Short Swim )
Judith Howe Tucker 40:03
Denise Carey 42:03 ( short swim)
Addison Dean 42:03 ( short swim )


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