DISCLAIMER : The following is submitted from Gary Taylor. As with all “for sale” items submitted I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or for the road worthiness of the items shown for sale. Any purchaser accepts that they purchase any item at their own risk and at their discretion and agree to absolve David Morrison of any and all liability arising from any purchase of items advertised for sale in this post.


1. Brand new never used IRT front carbon 50 mm rim COST $2199* ASKING : $1500
2. Brand new  never use IRT front carbon 80 mm rim  COST $2399*  ASKING   $1500
3. Full carbon Disc 11 speed rear wheel with cassette COST $2200*    ASKING  $1500

All wheels have brand new  never used tires

Inertia Racing Technology is top of the line 
* Cost shown is before Bermuda duty and freight was paid.
Call Gary Taylor H 236 4783 or Office 278-1000

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