Blake / Neill Camp 2017- TIDE WENT OUT !!


Annual Neill – Blake Camp 2018
Fast Approaching – Sign Up Today – Full details and sign up on Race Day World
Dates: Friday February 23rd – Saturday March 3rd, 2018
Cost: $295 for the week
+ Bring your family to the Wrap-Up Party – $25/adult, $10/child. To book these tickets, click on the “More” option, then click on Store and buy the number of tickets you need.
The camp will have a few changes this year. We want to invigorate it a little while keeping all the bits that people enjoy (or need, in the case of hill repeats). Among the changes will be a new place to meet on the first night, a coffee/breakfast stop at the Village Pantry on the first Sunday, a light-hearted team competition through the week, some yoga and a few other surprises on the way. See below for preliminary schedule so you will get the idea.

We are keen as always to welcome newcomers to the sport of triathlon and the camp is a great way to start. If you know anyone interested in getting involved, please pass on these details to them or ask them to contact Alec Shepherd (  for information


Preliminary Schedule below:
Friday, February 23rd
7pm – Meet and Greet – Pub Night (Venue TBC)
Saturday, February 24th
AM – Run/Bike/Run 30min/60min/30min – Advanced (Clearwater)
Endurance Workout geared towards working transitions/ Out and Backs from Clearwater so athletes can stay in contact with one another.
PM – Run – Beginner (NSC)
Technical/Focus on Form
Sunday, February 25th
7AM – Long Ride/Brick – Beginner/Advanced Combined (Manor House, Harrington Sound Road)
60-90 minute ride followed by 15-30 minute run depending on levels of athletes.
Village Pantry afterwards for coffee/breakfast and talk on nutrition.
4PM – Easy Open Water Swim (Venue TBC)
Monday, February 26th
5.30AM – Bike (Knapton) – Advanced ( meet Winners Edge)
Hill Repeats (Descending efforts) on Knapton Hill Loop. Team Points available on final hill climb. Includes familiarisation ride up Corkscrew Hill for WTS Bermuda.
6PM – Swim (Technical) – Beginner (NSC)
Technical/ Stroke mechanics swim with short (50 or 100) TT that counts towards Team Points
Tuesday, February 27th
6AM – Bike (Time Trial/McGalls) – Beginner (meet Winners Edge)
Hill Repeats working on proper gearing and different techniques for climbing
Shorter Hill TT up McGalls to finish that will count towards Team Points.
1PM – Swim (Technical) – Advanced (NSC)
Technical/ 100’s workout with Short TT to finish (100) counting towards Team Points.
Wednesday, February 28th
6AM or 7AM – Yoga for triathletes with Cara Bowen – Beginner/Advanced (Fritholme) 2 class times to choose from.
1PM – Open Water Swim – Beginner and Advanced (Admiralty/Harrington Sound)
Aerobic Swim working on draft packs of 3-4 athletes.
5.30PM – Run (Recovery/Technical) – Advanced. Easy 40 – 50min recovery run as a group with short technical feedback session at the end working on running posture (Venue TBC)
Thursday, March 1st
6AM – Yoga for triathletes with Cara Bowen – Beginner/Advanced (Fritholme)
5.30AM – Bike (Recovery) Optional – Beginner (Winners Edge)
Easy early AM ride from Winners Edge out to Somerset and back.
7PM – Brick Workout (Team Race) – Beginners/Advanced (NSC)
Team effort where advanced athletes are matched up with the beginners on their “teams” in a relay format. Format depends on numbers, but it will be guaranteed fun.
Friday, March 2nd
AM – Bike – 1:30 – Tempo
1PM – Swim – Open Water Swim/Time Trial – Mix (Admiralty)
Starts/Team Relay Swim for Team Points
PM – Run – 45min – Technical/Stride Run
Saturday, March 3rd
10.30AM – Team Triathlon (super sprint race in team relay format – double Team Points)
EVENING – Camp Dinner (Betts house)
Team Prize awarded
NOTE : On the schedule provided when you sign up, sessions are colour coded to match below coding
RED – Combined Workout
GREEN – Beginner Workout
BLUE – Advanced Workout
TEAM POINTS – for the week we would like to put everyone in teams, matching more experienced triathletes with less experienced. Wherever “Team Points” is mentioned in the schedule, there will be a light-hearted competitive timed element to part of the session, with points being awarded. The team with the most points at the end of the week will win the Team Prize.

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