Easter Triathlon Junior Camp 10+
Coach : USA’s Matt Valyo and assistant coach Gabby.
Cost : $350 for the week and can be prorated if can only attend part of camp.
Dates: April 3rd thru’ 7th or 8th
Matt’s thoughts at this point (subject to change):
The camp will run as follows:
The first two days, the kids will be in the same group working skills while I assess them. When my assistant arrives we will break them into age groups (12 and under, 13 and older) for most of the remaining week. Both groups will get a great experience. My assistant Gabby raced draft legal here in the US since 2012, has been an assistant at my elite camps for the past 2 years and has been the head coach of my youth camps for 2 years. She is a sophomore at UConn here in the states.
Check out https://www.tri-and-fit.com/coaches for more background on Matt and Gabby.
If you are interested, reach out to Matt at matt@tri-and-fit.com.








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