Erica Hawley CAC Triathlon 2018

After picking up a stomach virus in Barbados, where she took a silver medal in the Central American and Caribbean Triathlon Championships, Erica Hawley returned to her training base in Tucson, Arizona where she was sick for 10 days and was unsure whether she would even race this past weekend.

However, Erica decided to travel to Clermont Florida for the Americas’ Cup Elite Sprint Triathlon yesterday ( Saturday 3rd March) and placed 13th in 1hr 05 mins 29 secs. The race was won by Erika Ackelund of the USA in 1:02:47.

The swim ( 750m time 11 mins 02 secs) to the first buoy was brutal. I didn’t have that start speed that I needed and just got pounded and felt like I was drowning. Couldn’t tell exactly where I was in the pack but I knew I wasn’t in the top 3rd. However didn’t let the affect me and told myself onwards and upwards – just focus on the process  and T1 and bike.

Biked first 10km solo TT and feeling nauseous. Got in a pack eventually by waiting up. T2: no dramas. Not first to dismount but first to my shoes and first out so that’s good. 20km Bike time : 33 min 52 secs.
Run (19 min 33 secs for 5km) felt strong. It was hot and I knew I had strong runners in my pack and that they would get away from me. However, still managed to run a few girls down which felt good and I just focused on chasing one girl at a time in front of me. Time not so fast but felt strong. Compared to Barbados where 5km felt long – today 5km felt good and I’m happy.
Considering where I was coming into the race I’m really proud of 13th (thought I was going to be around 20th after the swim).

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