At the request of The Royal Gazette for thier WTS Bermuda supplement I have been asked to provide (1) a history of triathlon in Bermuda (2) a history of the junior programme in Bermuda (3) a Bermuda “role of honour” highlighting multiple winners of Bermuda national championships ( 4 minimum), triathlete of the year awards (2 minimum), international world and regional championships or country (e.g. UK, USA, CAD) national championships ( senior and junior and youth) medalist, Ironman or 70.3 top 3 age group or professional finishes, Bermuda athlete of the year ( senior and junior awards), Olympics and Commonwealth Games representation.

If you (a) are in the (3) category or know achievements of someone in (3) category or (b) wish to identify a meaningful date / person in the history of Bermuda triathlon or (c) wish to highlight any special date / person in the history of junior development in Bermuda, please EMail me at by tomorrow evening (Tuesday 6th March).

Results should show name of event, place achieved ( top 3 only) and year. Local championships should show just number of sprint / national championships COMBINED won ( not years). Triathlete of the Year should just show number of times winner ( not years). Pre national championship mutiple winners should show number of times won SunLife Triathlon ( now Bank of Bermuda Foundation triathlon ).

I already have most of the information but do not want to leave anyone/ anything out before submitting the information to the BTA for review and then to Royal Gazette so am looking to fill in the pieces.

I am also doing a piece on anecdotes / interesting moments from triathlon over the years so if you recall something amusing or interesting let me know.

Hopefully much of this information will subsequently go into the the BTA website and be updated from time to time.


Dave Morrison

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