It has taken me awhile, but I have compiled the following role of honour for  Bermuda Triathlon  drawing the line essentially at a podium finish in any major world or regional  championships ( although I have allowed some leeway to record Greg Hopkins outstanding results as an amateur.)

It is not complete and I would like to add youth 13-15 and junior 16-19 age group achievements in major events and also Bermuda national senior and junior athlete of the year awards which I have found difficulty to pin down as Tyler Butterfield and Flora Duffy cant’ recall how many they have won and when ! Anyone help ?

Please let me know if you can help as I continue to build this role of honour which hopefully the BTA will feature as a separate section of the BTA website.

(compiled by Dave Morrison) – as at May 12th 2018

*= triathletes who started triathlon before first Bermuda National Championships / Triathlete of Year Awards
Highlights of Bermuda professional triathletes’ careers
Flora Duffy : World Junior Silver medal (2006)2 x ITU World Series Champion (2016 +2017) – 2 x ITU Grand Final Champion (2016 +2017) – Since March 2016 = World Series ( 11 x 1st, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd, 3 x 4th, 1 x DNF) – ITU Cross World Triathlon Champion (2015 +2016) Silver (2014), 4x consecutive XTerra World Champion – 8th Olympic Games (2016) –1st Commonwealth Games 2018, 8th Commonwealth Games aged 18 (2006)
Tyler Butterfield : World Junior Bronze medal (2002) – 11 Ironman 70.3 podiums – 3rd Ironman Latin American Champs (2015) – 3rd Ironman North American Champs (2017), Ironman World Champs 5th (2015) and 7th (2013), 1st Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (2014) – Highest Ironman World Ranking 4th ( 2013), Ironman 70.3 World Champs 7th (2013), 8th (2015), 7th (2017).

Bermuda Triathlete of the Year Awards (started 1990 – not always awarded to professional triathletes but since 2015 divided into professional and amateur):
Men : Evan Naude (6),Neil de ste Croix, Tyler Butterfield (5), Jon Herring, Greg Hopkins* (3) , Kent Richardson(2), Riann Naude, Andrew Doble, Ryan Gunn, Mark Robinson, Tyler Smith, Matt Thompson (1)
Women : Karen Smith (12), Shona Palmer (3), Flora Duffy (2)Mary Hopkins*, Julia Hawley, Kristen Robinson ,Laurie Orchard (2), Jane Christie, Dee McMullen, Martina Olcheski – Bell (1)

Bermuda National Triathlon Championships ( Olympic and Sprint Distances combined wins) – since start 1993
Men : Jon Herring (10), Evan Naude (8), Neil de ste Croix (7), Tyler Butterfield (4), Riann Naude (3),Kent Richardson, Kris Hedges, (2), Greg Hopkins*, Geoff Smith, Steve Smith, Tyler Smith, Geoffrey Smith, Jamie Brown, Tucker Murphy, Matthew Oliveira, Ryan Gunn, Andrew Doble, Steve Petty, Andrew Davis, Steve Doyling*, Alan Potts, ( 1)
Women : Karen Smith (17), Julia Hawley and Deana McMullen (6), Shona Palmer and Lori Orchard (4), Karen Bordage, Ashley Estwanik, Martina Olcheski-Bell , Kristyn Robinson (2), Flora Duffy , Cora Lee Starzomski, Lynn Patchett, Kim McMullen, Lee Osborne (1)

Bank of Bermuda ( formerly Sun Life Triathlon ) winners since start – 1979
Men : Greg Hopkins (5), Neil de ste Croix (5), Evan Naude (4), Jonathan Herring (4), Tyler Butterfield (4), Tony Ryan (3), Jim Butterfield (2), Kent Richardson (2), Lee White (2), Kris Hedges , Matthew Herring , Ryan Gunn , Tyler Smith (1 each) Overseas winners – Walt McManus , Brad Rex – USA professional , Peter Younghusband (1 each).
Women : Karen Smith (10), Anne Stevens (4), Mary Hopkins (4),Julia Hawley (3),
Cathy Gurret , Debbie Butterfield , Shona Palmer (2), Marie Hope, Midge Oliver, Sandra Mewett, Flora Duffy, Nikki Butterfield, Karen Bordage, Susan Edney, Belinda Castree, Erica Hawley ( 1 each).

Jim Butterfield* : 7th Ironman World Championships (1981) – Run course record 3hr 05 min
Karen Smith : Ironman World Championships age group 1st (2014) 3rd (2010), Ironman 70.3 World Championships age group 2nd (2008), ITU Sprint World Championships Age group (3rd)
Laurie Orchard – 3rd Small Island Games (2013), 3rd in age group – Canadian Triathlon Champs (2013).
Greg Hopkins : Canadian National Champs 1st age group f (1986), USTS Baltimore and USTS Tampa (1989) – 1st age group, Italian National Champs (Open) – 7th overall , Bermuda International Triathlon – 1st amateur (1987)
Erica Hawley : CAMTRI Championships 2nd (2017)

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