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A contingent of Bermuda triathletes produced outstanding results this Sunday at the Costa Rica Ironman 70.3 Triathlon racing in hot conditions on  tough and hilly bike and run courses.

Louise Wells took 1st place in her 45-49 age group, exiting the water in 7th but moving up to 2nd by the end of the bike and then moving into the lead on the run. Louise finished in 5hrs 25 mins 15 secs and was 18th woman overall.

Geoff Smith also managed a podium finish as he crossed the line 2nd in the mens 50-54 age group in 4hrs 56 mins 01 secs, good enough for 57th male overall.

Louise Wells and Geoff Smith Costa Rica 2018
Louise Wells (1st) and Geoff Smith (2nd) both achieved podium finishes this past weekend

Wenda Roberts finish a strong 4th in the women’s 55-59 age group in 6:28:12 with Chris Eaton 7th in the mens’ 50-54 age group in 5:16:53.

Sergio Edness was 105th in the mens 30-34 age group in 6:18:58, Clifford Roberts 24th in the mens 45-49 age group in 5:32:55 whilst Raphael Simons was 75th in the mens 45-49 age group in 6:49:17.



Erica Hawley CAMTRI 2018.JPG
Erica Hawley racing on Saturday

Erica Hawley produced an excellent performance last Saturday as she finished 4th in the 2018 CAMTRI Triathlon Under 23 American Championships and 9th overall in the women’s elite field.

Erica was racing over the standard (olympic) distance of 1500 meter swim, 40km bike and 10km run in hot conditions and her run of 39 min 16 secs was especially pleasing as was her overall time of 2:06:30 despite a seemingly long swim.

Here is Erica’s report :

Hi All

I raced in our Continental Championships today and was 4th in the U23 and 9th in the Elite ( we all raced together but the U23 is separated as a championship result). This was an olympic distance and my first ITU olympic distance. I had a really good day today at this distance and I am very pleased with my result.

I came in at 2 hrs 06 mins 30 seconds. Came out of the water in main group of about 12 women. The swim seemed a bit long for sure. The bike was fast but I rode very controlled in the pack. The run was quite hard as it was 4 laps with a low gradient hill on each lap. My first 5km was good but the 2nd 5km hurt a lot, as it did for everyone. I did still run a decent 10km so was pleased overall.

I achieved my objective of gaining more ITU points and Olympic Qualification points. It’s my first year in U23 so I am very pleased with 4th overall .


TYLER SMITH – 2018 Grand Prix de Triathlon result.



Report from Karen Smith :

Tyler (Smith) raced in Dunkerque, France at the weekend in the 2018 Grand Prix de Triathlon. He was racing as part of a team – E.C. Sartrouville. These races attract the top International elites who are recruited by French clubs.

Tyler was 30th out of 96 starters. It was won by Luis Vincent of France (currently ranked 5th in ITU). It was a pretty solid result against excellent competition.

Tyler says he does these type of races for experience in a high quality fast pace race. It’s good to be part of a team for support and tactics. He said he is happy with his form ahead of two ITU European Cups in the next two weekends (Wuurstwezel Belgium June 23rd and Holten, Netherlands on June 30th.)




Geoff Smith (file photo) – first across the line at the Heroes Day Home Event 2018


Bermuda Triathlon Association
National Heroes Day Home Event – 18 June 2018

Approximate Sprint Distance (700m swim; 18K bike – 4.6K run)

Swim Bike Run Total
Geoff Smith 12.14 28.54 19.46 1.00.54
Will Green 14.55 33.05 19.26 1.07.26
Maddie Durkin 11.58 34.21 21.14 1.07.33
Laura Norman 12.1 36.39 19.48 1.08.37
Teddy Shum 16.21 37.04 18.57 1.12.21
Caroline Wright 12.01 37.56 24.05 1.14.02
Christine Da Costa 15.29 36.34 22.59 1.15.02
Liz Stewart 15.2 36.14 23.35 1.15.09
Colm Homan 17.34 37.12 21.59 1.16.45
Charlie Duffy 17.26 37.36 23.22 1.18.24
Maria Duffy 17.18 37.58 24.01 1.19.17
Randy Smith 19.16 35.21 24.45 1.19.22
Liz Harris 15.25 39.54 24.34 1.19.53
Sharon Craig 17.51 37.43 24.23 1.19.57
Jenn Wilson 15.47 38.17 26.15 1.20.19
Bryce Williams 12.18 41.03 28.11 1.21.32
Seamus Durkin 15.38 40.59 25.28 1.22.05
Chris Jones 15.31 44.08 25.29 1.25.08
Caleb/Tommy/Jessie 10.32 31.51 20.01 1.02.24

700m swim; 18K bike (no run)
Swim Bike Total
Nick Pilgrim 10.29 35.13 45.43
Chris Eaton 16.29 30.37 47.06
Julia Hawley 14.53 37.48 52.41
Martin Bolton 17.24 37.01 54.27
Kirsty Jones 18.12 48.3 1.06.42
Judith Howe Tucker 20.12 52.15 1.12.27

Junior Distance (150m swim, 10.8K bike, 2K run)

Swim Bike Run Total
Zoe Hasselkuss 3.59 22.05 8.14 34.18
Liana Madeiros 4.01 22.18 9.23 35.42
Tammy Ingham 4.49 25.15 13.52 44.35
Jasmin Hasselkuss 4.54 28.45 10.22 44.01
Ava Gabai-Maiato 4.58 28.4 10.23 44.01
Joanna Heaney 7.04 31.41 12.31 51.16


Karen Smith transition 70.3 worlds 2017
Karen Smith shown at ITU Worlds 2017

Karen Smith finished an impressive 2nd in her 50-55 age group this past weekend in Ironman 70.3 Syracuse in a time of 5 hrs 23 min 33 secs, good enough for 14th overall woman.

Here is her race report :

I did Syracuse as a bit of test to see where the fitness is at so I definitely saw where the work needs to be done and where I need to focus. I had a good swim with the new self-seeding rolling start swim -30:58 (fastest in my age group and 9th fastest female overall). Athletes line up according to their predicted swim finish times and start by going over the timing mat one by one. This virtually eliminates anyone swimming over the top of you and made for a much more enjoyable swim experience.

My bike was the only disappointing part of the day. 3:03:34 (3rd age group and 17th overall female). I think I had a lot of fatigue in the legs from Bermuda National Triathlon Champs last weekend. I wasn’t able maintain any kind of sustained effort on the bike. As this was a hilly bike course, it rewarded those who could ride hard.
My run was pretty much where I expected to be at 1:42:51 (2nd age group 11th female). It was super hot day at 92F on a rolling hills run course so happy to be able to have a solid run after the weaker bike leg.




Erica Hawley Mexico June 2018.JPGERICA HAWLEY RACE REPORT :

Just to let you know that I raced in the World Cup in Huatulco, Mexico today (Ed : Sunday 10th June) and finished 18th. This was a great result for me and I am really pleased with how the race went. I was racing as part of the International Triathlon Union Team Asics Development Program which provides racing opportunities at various world cups this year. ( ) – this has been an amazing opportunity for me as I was travelling alone and without my coach and they provided me with endless support.

I came out of the water in 9th place just 10 seconds behind the first 8. Our “chase” pack quickly caught on to the leaders and we were a big pack of 20+ for the rest of the bike. I had a pretty decent run but did suffer on the 2nd lap of the run due to the heat.

The course was quite tough with a small hill on the bike and the run and of course it was very hot in Mexico. This was a great start to the rest of my racing for the year and I am very happy with my progress from the last World Cup I did in March. This is only my second World Cup so I couldn’t be happier with how the race went for me today. I gained ITU points and Olympic points which was the goal. Still lots to work on but progression being made.





Will Green, son of former Bermuda residents and triathletes David and Pauline Green, held of a spirited challenge from David Souter and Craig Rothwell in Thursday’s Super Sprint Series triathlon to cross the line first in 27:26 with Souter 10 seconds behind and Rothwell a further 3 seconds back.

Youngster Lianna Madeiros has made huge strides in the sport in the past year and was the first female finisher and an impressive 5th overall in 28:44.

Once again there was an impressive turnout for Thursday’s event which continues to attract new faces to the sport, the primary aim of the series.

BTA Super Sprint Results 7 June 2018

Standard Distance – 200m swim/8K bike/1.6K run
27.26 Will Green
27.36 David Souter
27.39 Craig Rothwell
28.21 Dirk Hasselkuss
28.44 Liana Madeiros
28.58 Gerhard Boonstra
29.02 Dustin Luck
29.07 Nico Davis
29.25 Megan Hands
29.27 Chris Smith
29.48 Christine Souter
30.01 Caroline Wright
30.41 Amber Simons
30.45 Debs Norman
31.14 Jasmin Hasselkuss
32.11 Tom Hands
32.33 Lara Rogers
32.53 Jake Smith
33.36 Manning Smith
33.52 Geana Jones
33.38 Makao Butterfield
34.07 Kim Willey
34.47 Marie Taylor
35.16 Nicky Hallett
35.25 Ava Gabai-Maiato
36.06 Simon Fraser
37.21 Charlotte Millington
39.31 Liz Arnold
40.08 Judith Howe Tucker
42.31 Antoinette Rabain

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
19.34 Jacob Wright
20.09 Gordon Smith
21.23 Ayshalay Simons
22.01 Josiah Tannock
24.17 Kelise Wade
26.04 Makao Butterfield
26.06 Evans Welch
28.33 Dominic Wright
29.31 Kelly Kraft
29.32 Duncan Scott
34.45 Donna Nicholson
34.46 Lara Nicholson

200m swim/2 laps run
14.14 Martine Rothwell

200m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run
25.49 Otis Ingham
37.25 Litanya Smith

200m swim/4 laps run
25.55 Chris Taylor