Juniors dominated yesterday’s Super Sprint series taking the top four places. The event once again attracted an excellent field with Caleb Ingham first across the line just 12 seconds ahead of Tommy Marshall. Zoe Hasselkus finished an impressive 3rd overall just two seconds ahead of Nico Davis, to take top place amongst the female competitors.

BTA Super Sprint Results 31 May 2018

Standard Distance – 200m swim/8K bike/1.6K run
Time Name
24.07 Caleb Ingham
24.19 Tommy Marshall
28.15 Zoe Hasselkuss
28.17 Nico Davis
28.28 Otis Ingham
28.56 Craig Rothwell
20.04 Dirk Hasselkuss
29.07 Vivienne Lockhead
29.28 Christine Da Costa
29.57 Jasmin Hasselkuss
30.42 Christine Souter
30.56 Caroline Wright
30.58 Steve Wells
32.04 Erica McArthur
32.05 Amber Simons
33.01 Nicola Davis
33.38 Makao Butterfield
33.54 Chris Smith late start
34.03 Derek Hurdle
34.31 Seamus Durkin
35.18 Geana Jones
35.25 Ava Gabai-Maiato
35.48 Marie Taylor
36.22 Charlotte Millington
36.54 Rebecca Hurdle
37.27 Zamauri Richardson
37.48 Manning Smith late start
38.58 Harry Andrews
41.54 Simon Fraser very late start
42.25 Antoinette Rabain
23.54 Jessie Marshall/Matthew Oliviera

200m swim/2 laps run
15.33 Martine Rothwell

200m swim/3 laps bike (no run)
27.47 Liz Arnold

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
20.57 Josiah Tannok
22.26 Kelise Wade
22.42 Felix Schmidt
23.41 Liam Davis
24.12 Grayson Tavares
26.12 Jacob Wright
26.21 Dominic Wright
34.46 Lara Nicholson
34.47 Donna Nicholson
24.16 Team Mello Girls

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