Will Green, son of former Bermuda residents and triathletes David and Pauline Green, held of a spirited challenge from David Souter and Craig Rothwell in Thursday’s Super Sprint Series triathlon to cross the line first in 27:26 with Souter 10 seconds behind and Rothwell a further 3 seconds back.

Youngster Lianna Madeiros has made huge strides in the sport in the past year and was the first female finisher and an impressive 5th overall in 28:44.

Once again there was an impressive turnout for Thursday’s event which continues to attract new faces to the sport, the primary aim of the series.

BTA Super Sprint Results 7 June 2018

Standard Distance – 200m swim/8K bike/1.6K run
27.26 Will Green
27.36 David Souter
27.39 Craig Rothwell
28.21 Dirk Hasselkuss
28.44 Liana Madeiros
28.58 Gerhard Boonstra
29.02 Dustin Luck
29.07 Nico Davis
29.25 Megan Hands
29.27 Chris Smith
29.48 Christine Souter
30.01 Caroline Wright
30.41 Amber Simons
30.45 Debs Norman
31.14 Jasmin Hasselkuss
32.11 Tom Hands
32.33 Lara Rogers
32.53 Jake Smith
33.36 Manning Smith
33.52 Geana Jones
33.38 Makao Butterfield
34.07 Kim Willey
34.47 Marie Taylor
35.16 Nicky Hallett
35.25 Ava Gabai-Maiato
36.06 Simon Fraser
37.21 Charlotte Millington
39.31 Liz Arnold
40.08 Judith Howe Tucker
42.31 Antoinette Rabain

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
19.34 Jacob Wright
20.09 Gordon Smith
21.23 Ayshalay Simons
22.01 Josiah Tannock
24.17 Kelise Wade
26.04 Makao Butterfield
26.06 Evans Welch
28.33 Dominic Wright
29.31 Kelly Kraft
29.32 Duncan Scott
34.45 Donna Nicholson
34.46 Lara Nicholson

200m swim/2 laps run
14.14 Martine Rothwell

200m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run
25.49 Otis Ingham
37.25 Litanya Smith

200m swim/4 laps run
25.55 Chris Taylor

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