Karen Smith transition 70.3 worlds 2017
Karen Smith shown at ITU Worlds 2017

Karen Smith finished an impressive 2nd in her 50-55 age group this past weekend in Ironman 70.3 Syracuse in a time of 5 hrs 23 min 33 secs, good enough for 14th overall woman.

Here is her race report :

I did Syracuse as a bit of test to see where the fitness is at so I definitely saw where the work needs to be done and where I need to focus. I had a good swim with the new self-seeding rolling start swim -30:58 (fastest in my age group and 9th fastest female overall). Athletes line up according to their predicted swim finish times and start by going over the timing mat one by one. This virtually eliminates anyone swimming over the top of you and made for a much more enjoyable swim experience.

My bike was the only disappointing part of the day. 3:03:34 (3rd age group and 17th overall female). I think I had a lot of fatigue in the legs from Bermuda National Triathlon Champs last weekend. I wasn’t able maintain any kind of sustained effort on the bike. As this was a hilly bike course, it rewarded those who could ride hard.
My run was pretty much where I expected to be at 1:42:51 (2nd age group 11th female). It was super hot day at 92F on a rolling hills run course so happy to be able to have a solid run after the weaker bike leg.



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