Tyler Smith in Europe

Tyler Smith ( file photo)

Tyler Smith commenced a busy race schedule on 23rd June with a series of top elite European races as he continues to gain experience in the senior ranks.

On 23rd June Tyler had a bit of a challenging time and placed 26th (out of 67 starters) in Wuustwezel, Belgium in a European Cup race, 1:29 behind the winner, Martin Van Riel of Belgium. Tyler had a problem racking his bike in T2 and not only lost valuable time but was assessed a 10 second penalty for an incorrect rack. Despite a 16:49 5km he was unable to recover from his T2 mistakes.

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On the 30th June Tyler had an excellent race in the Netherlands (Holten ETU Sprint Triathlon Premium European Cup) placing 10th  (out of 68 starters) with a time of 56:29, 44 seconds behind the winner, Ignacio Gonzalez Garcia of Spain. The race ended up coming down to the run as the chase pack caught the leaders and around 50 competitors came together by the end of the bike and into T2 together. Tyler’s 18:14 5km run (on what appeared to be a slightly long course) was the 9th fastest of the day and secured his top-10 (and prize paying) position.

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Tyler then raced yesterday, July 1st ( back to back weekend racing), in Dusseldorf, Germany for his Weicon team in the highly competitive Bundesliga triathlon team league. He just didn’t have much in his legs after back to back races and what little he had he burned trying to hang with South Africa’s leading triathlete Richard Murray as the two of them tried a breakaway together to bridge the gap between the chase and the lead pack about midway through the bike. Murray made it across to the lead group (and ended up finishing 2nd) but Tyler didn’t and fell further down the field. Tyler ended up 31st (out of 80 starters) with a 58:51 but he was the top finisher on his team – WEICON TriFinish Munster – which came 7th (out of 16 teams) and is now 6th overall after this 2nd of 5 races in this professional team series.

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Tyler was looking to leverage the experience of these three highly competitive sprint races (over 8 days)  in advance of the CAC Games and is now back at his university base of Leeds for a one month block of training. He is certainly holding his own on the very tough elite European circuit in his first year in the senior ranks.








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